Best Vacation Rentals in Maui

Aloha! The beautiful island of Hawaii has islands that are small and tribal, as well as ones that are big and more commercial. Tourists all over the world have a dream of visiting Hawaii once in their lifetime. It sure is paradise on earth.

Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island. Maui is fondly also called ‘The Valley Isle’ since nature has beautifully placed it in between two major volcanoes’. Hawaii is well known for its beaches, and Maui has some of the most beautiful ones. Maui has a very distinctive feature and can be spotted very easily on the map because of the landscape, which is in the form of the figure 8. Maui being such a treat for the eyes, attracts many tourists to it, hence it is well known for its high-end luxury stay.

Wailea Elua Village 708

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When looking for something that accommodates a small group of 6 people, the best option to look for is a condo, with a decent size open kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths, cosy living room, looking across the ocean with a cool breeze blowing your way, totally relaxing you into a vacation mode. This is what this beautiful facility promises to offer you. The option of snorkelling is just a small walk from the condo, and the beautiful beach is calling out to you. Totally kid-friendly, wireless available, free parking and daily cleaning services are included. The price for this place is fairly affordable ranging somewhere from $425 - $475 per night.

Valley Isle

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Honeymooners always need something that is cosy and warm with a hint of romance. This studio apartment is something that is a perfect blend of getting out, viewing the sights and just having a relaxed evening with your special one by taking a dip and grilling some food at the poolside. Waking up to the beautiful sight of sunrise just adds to the charm, since the beach is right across from the 7-floor condo. Please feel free to bring a collection of your favourite music, so that you can play it on the player provided, or bring your laptop and surf the web for your favourite movies for a night in the condo. Free parking is also included in this package that ranges from $140-$180 per night.

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Secret Garden Studio

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Maui is so much more than just sand and sea and adventure, and this cottage style small home admits its own secret garden is a perfect example of that. Shopping, dining, coffee and public transportation are all minutes away from this nature-centred home. Since in Maui a trip to the beach is a must, and so this perfect home for 2 is literally a 15-minute drive away from the beach too. The owner is a licensed massage therapist for 15 years, so the option of in-house massage for a great price awaits you. This one bed one private bath unique cottage is for $81 per night.

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Maui Oasis

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A large group of friends or family members off to Maui for a celebration, or to just take a break from work and chill, Maui Oasis is the place to stay. It accommodates about 10 people who are looking for a luxury villa. This villa pretty much summarizes Maui, with the mountains rising up behind the villa, and the sea crashing its waves on the shore in front.

The insides of this villa comprises of anything and everything you name, with a ton of natural light kissing the rooms but the outsides has a terrace giving you a breathtaking view, and a pool giving you a view of the downtown area. This villa also has a seating area for you to view whales during the season. This 5 bed and bath villa have not only the basic amenities like the dishwasher, washer, and dryer but also a recreational room with a foosball and a ping pong table. With pre villa- stocking, a hot tub, and housekeeping this exquisite villa rents out from $3000 to $4000 per night.

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Yacht Glamping under the Stars

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Feeling like staying in a ‘one of a kind’ way? Look no further than this adventure stay. Falling asleep with a blanket of stars over your head, and a gentle rock of the water below you, because you are sleeping on a yacht. You can book the yacht all to yourselves if you are a group of 6 people, since there is one big bedroom with 3 beds and one bath. Or if you are just 2 people you can pay for yourselves and book a bed. It is a $120 per person for one night for this exciting experience.

Oceanfront Getaway

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A perfect apartment condo for a family of 4. This condo just steps away from the beach. Beach towels, umbrellas, snorkelling kit, binoculars, beach chairs, coolers are the things on your beach packing list. The indoors of the house is really spacious and the elevator has a security access code, for entry. This condo is just a few minutes walk to the restaurants, and ocean centred shops. This one bedroom, 2 bed, and one bath condo cost $140 per night.

Adorable Garden Gingerbread House

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What it feels like living in the jungle, secluded and having a tribal touch to your stay in Maui, is the perfect explanation for this Garden Home. The insides of the house are all wood, and not stained which gives that raw feel to the house. The décor of this small house is very tasteful, and has the Hawaiian touch to it. This house is far away from the hustle bustle of Maui, giving you a ton of privacy having said that, it is only a 15 minutes drive from the airport, 10 minutes to the beach, and literally 2 minutes from restaurants and shops. This coconut trees surrounded sweet little home is just perfect for 2 people since it has a bed and bath is for $175 per night.

Maui and Hawaii, in general, sound or feels like a lot of planning would go into when thinking of a trip, but the stay is one thing that can be sorted out in a jiffy, with a ton of options with rental vacation homes.

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