Cheapest international holiday destinations for Indians

All of us would agree that, traveling not only eases our body but our souls as well. Be it a weekend getaway, or a long vacation outside India, the excitement remains intact. But, you and I can't negate the reality that, the only reason behind so many unsuccessful trips abroad is, MONEY!

We are Indians, so each time the budget digs deep into our pockets we drop our plans. We either love or give up on everything if it affects our budget. We let budget control everything, literally! What car to buy, where to go, whether to eat outside or not, budget decides everything.

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If you are tired of getting a no from your budget every single time, you need to check out the endless list of affordable international locations to visit this year!


Also known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon", Bhutan is a colourful tourist spot.

Also, you don't even need a passport to visit this one. This picturesque country is popular for its immaculate beauty and other natural surprises.Especially for Indians, travel to Bhutan is very budget friendly and easily undertaken. The rich culture, unblemished scenery, and pure mountain air makes the country more attractive. The amount of people traveling to Bhutan is rising each year, which gives a real picture of rising interest in the country as a tourist stop.

If you're considering touring Bhutan, it's better to go sooner than later!


With tourism as a primary financial means of the country, Singapore, with its primitive beauty and allurement possesses of holding one of the highest toured nations in the world. Be it for shopping, recreation tours or recreational vacations, the country serves as a favourite host amidst its visitants. Beautiful seasides and retreats add to the alluring Singapore honeymoon tour.

Also known as an Island of feasting, food is taken very earnestly. Starting with affordable vendor food to fine dining, Singaporeans will dress up for it, and debate if it's "die, die, must try" (Singaporean lingo meaning "to die for").

When the scorching outside weather becomes too much, Singaporeans choose to duck indoors for a place of retail remedy and a good share of air-conditioning. When the scorching outside weather becomes too much, Singaporeans choose to duck indoors for a place of retail remedy and a good share of air-conditioning, and head to the malls! With international brands, a plethora of fashion houses along with certain discounted shops in the mix, fulfilling everyone's requirements.

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When it's about planning an international tour, there are very less or no matches to Thailand's tourism rate. Being the most visited country in the year 2013, Thailand is popular for its kaleidoscopic appeal and picturesque places to visit.

Loved throughout the world, Thai cuisine represents significant features of Thai culture: liberal, friendly, delightful and carefree. Thai recipes rely on pure local elements – sour lemongrass, searing chillies and fleshy seafood. A diverse social menu is created around the four basic flavorings: spicy, sweet, salty and sour. Roving cravings go on tasting trips of Bangkok noodle sheds, seafood arcades in Phuket, and Burmese market stalls in Mae Sot. Cookery courses exhibit the purity following the apparently complex recipes, and studying the market is an essential relic skill. If you are someone who is seeking a destination that can thrill you in every aspect, head to Thailand !

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Adored for the untouched kaleidoscopic charm, Indonesia is confined by its strong cultural legacy. Promoting tourism, volcano excursions, social vacations, recreation tours etc. A 5-6 days tour to this beautiful destination can be planned very efficiently with a budget as low as INR 50,000 inclusive of air tickets!

During your trip to this exotic location, you’ll witness a climactic scenery, as distinct as those residing in it. Sulawesi embraces white-sand shores and diving rendezvous, on the other hand, Sumatra is shaped by a multitude of almost 100 volcanoes traveling off into the horizon, numerous proficient of exploding at any point. Bali's shingles are the essence of fable but you don't have to wander far to discover still more refined and untouched extents of sand in Nusa Tengarra.

Indonesia's numbers surprise beyond 17,000 islands, 8000 of which have not been resided, and over 300 languages spoken. It's an enchanting country extending endless adventures. An ideal destination for backpackers and honeymooners, Indonesia has so much to offer.

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A perfect travel goal for every wildlife and nature lover out there, Kenya showcases myriad shades of nature in the most beguiling form. House to unique and fascinating wildlife, Kenya is further recognized for its autochthonous cultures. It’s the snow-covered ridge nearly on the equator and in a sight of deserts. It’s the rich, palm-fringed coastline of the Indian Ocean, it’s the Vast Rift Valley that once frightened to rip the region apart, and it’s the impenetrable woods evocative of the continent’s center. In brief, Kenya is a land of significant landforms that move our profound yearnings for this very unique continent.

United Arab Emirates

Taking the genuine UAE Tour Plan will surely guarantee you the choicest vacation in UAE, the country of wealth, antiquity, and custom. This land is an enthralling site, you can experience some days packed with venture and leisure. The classic blend of modernity and history forms a sharp atmosphere for each traveler. That’s how UAE has grown as a famous travel spot for people across the world.

Dubai, the magnificent capital in the United Arab Emirates, and that shows on its tourism ratio as well. This explains why it was listed as the 7th most toured capitals by foreign tourists.

Exceeding the posh resorts, tallest construction, and fancy establishments, the place likewise has a strongly grounded connection with its beliefs and antiquity.

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The ventures, the bright nightlife, the stores and the diversity of the panorama will serve the demands of everyone.

Not a lot of countries in this world provide a perfect blend of cliffs, sand, and shores. That surely is one of the causes why the nation required no time to grow as favorite Travel spot. An ideal UAE package will provide you an exciting vacation. Right from the renowned belly dance to the music and artwork. Wherever you travel in this country, opulence and luxury will embrace you with open wings.

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