Top 5 places to get hitched during this monsoon

Marriage is probably the most important step you take in your entire life. The idea of spending the rest of your life with someone, and always having them by your side is amazing. Therefore, the day HAS to be special!

Taking the vows and the 'saat pheras' in a stunning location is like living the fairy tale.

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Lately, unusual weddings in an entirely unique destination are winning over the conventional wedding venues. The novel locations of India offers a myriad of scenic destinations to choose from, particularly during the monsoons. In fact, there are several die-hard Yash raj fans and romantics who would any-day want to host their D -day in locations that witness heavy rains during the season, that they call the monsoon wedding!

Marrying your favourite person at your favourite location, sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Besides, these destinations turn out to be even more special when the clouds start to shower their blessings as well. If you are not someone who likes to follow the conventional wedding arrangements, with everything just perfect and no uniqueness involved, then an outdoor wedding is something you should seriously give a thought to. A tropical location and seashores are a clear winner when it comes to monsoon wedding location options. From getting married at the beaches of Goa to the rich sights of Kerala, it's a guarantee that rain would be the 'fun' element at your wedding.

Let’s learn of few such destinations perfect for your big day :


Whether you like taking long walks in the shedding rain, or snuggle up closely in your vast Suite and view the rain beat steadily upon your window panes, Goa in the rainy season is the ideal spot where romance is always in the air.

Goa, possibly the most adored tourist spot of India, is beside the excellent spot for your monsoon wedding. You can either plan for a seaside wedding or get yourself called as the man and the wife in one of those historical churches.

Goa is a renowned spot for tying the knot with your beloved, and considering monsoon is not a top season, you can easily find a venue and a planner to make your day more memorable. What's more? if you are proposing a wedding at Goa during monsoons, you can avail huge discounts and attractive offers. The vibrant nightlife and the various sports will be like a cherry on the cake.

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A gift to eyes during monsoons, Kovalam is positioned in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Kovalam is recognized for Ayurvedic massages and therapies. If you merely want to relax and immerse in your inner self this rainy season, then this is just the place.

Besides, Kovalam is gifted to possess the beautiful shore top of the candy-colored lighthouses and prolonged wonderful shores divided by rugged cliffs

Kovalam is the paradise for people who adore the monsoon rains and wish to get married during it. Amidst the tropic shore, the showers and the ocean, your union will be a holiday for your fellows. Several inns and retreats in Kovalam extend amenities for your wedding with the sea in the backdrop. For a climactic entrance of the wife and Benedict, pick a refurbished boat. You can even pick a houseboat union in the surreal backwaters. The peaceful spot, the sea, and the showers get Kovalam as one of the perfect monsoon wedding destinations.

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Udaipur has been regarded as the most Byronic city in India by numerous known websites. Then what greater than getting hitched in the most extravagant city with the intense aura hovering in the sky. Also, you can have a pretty vacation in Udaipur as well just after your D-day, what better than creating fantasies in this romantic destination?

Make your wedding a royal celebration by taking the vows in the city of lakes, Udaipur, this rainy season. Lake Pichola is a perfect pick for your monsoon marriage. There are numerous castle resorts and establishments that would take care of your union arrangements and make it the most memorable day of your life. You can simply sit back and savour your matrimony.


If you and your partner are the residents of the beautiful and historical Maharashtra, then your search for the perfect destination for your monsoon wedding ends here. Lonavala hidden in the peaks of Western Ghats is a serene hill station, that revives during the rains. You and your fellas can delight in the spouting falls and other major attractions like fortresses and caves in the proximity. There are numerous resorts and inns in Lonavala that offer a variety of wedding packages.

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From straight up in the north to drop south, if there’s one site that’s grabbing the desire of couples getting hitched, it’s none other than Kerala. kind of obvious isn't it? This god’s own land is a gorgeous pretty model of India, which allows the most fascinating background for your big day! Rich green meadows and palm trees, idyllic shores, magnificent cliffs, or mesmerizing backwaters, you name it and it’s here! With so much around, there is no possibility that your destination wedding in Kerala will be anything but a dramatic event!

The Venice of the east, Alleppey is a place you must explore during the showers. The meandering backwaters, beautiful houseboats and meadows will enhance the charm of your union. Picture yourself getting hitched with your beloved on a beautiful, magnificent houseboat, floating on the serene backwaters with the showers offering the background score.

Weddings in India are an enormous celebration with inherited customs, traditions, benedictions and treat. But, nowadays, people are going for a wedding that is a reflection of their very own personage. The destination weddings, themed weddings, old, charming, visionary and high emotion nuptials are the current trends. And if you are a die-hard romantic, then monsoon weddings are especially for you. India is bestowed with few of the most scenic sights that are ideal for a monsoon wedding. So if you seek a destination that will make your day even more special and adventurous at the same time, pick one of these.

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