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About Us

Every holiday is a journey within, to explore oneself. Since time immemorial, people have been searching for newer and better holiday experiences. And that is precisely what we do. We try and understand our guests’ aspirations towards a holiday and we work hard to exceed their expectations. Our highly personalized and luxurious villas across the globe shall speak for our seamless spirit in search of the best.

Our Story

We began with a three-point motto. Credence, Customization and Creativity are those keys words based on which we started exploring new horizons in personalized holidaying. We have acquired a host of villas across the globe and turned them into idylls of luxury getaways. Yes, we artfully shape your dream vacation.

What We Believe

The very essence of ours is to deliver unmatched villa experiences across boundaries. Attempting to shape the future, we firmly believe in designing and delivering the best for our guests and turn the experience as one the most cherished in lives.

Why people use our services

Delivering on promises is the most crucial in any walk of life. We have acquired the trust of our guests by delivering more than what is actually promised most times. Our quality of service is unmatched and we leave absolutely nil scope for complaints. Above all, we value your vacation.

Our mission

We have multiple missions, is what we think. The core intention is to the raise our standards constantly and to keep challenging ourselves to achieve greater heights. As a team, we want to create the best for our guests.

With our feet set firmly on the principles of integrity and trust, we intend to grow globally to be the biggest and the best in terms of services delivered. The team is driven by results and the wide satisfied smile on the guests’ face is what we are working for.

Why Stay With Us

There are a few reasons why one should stay with us. Here are those:

Our locations. We have handpicked some of the most exotic locations with mesmerizing views.

Guests who will vouch for our virtues. We have loyal repeated guests who certify us as No.1.

The amenities. We offer the best of amenities at all our villas.

The added dose of luxury. All our villas are incredibly luxurious and cozy for a lavish stay.

We deliver what we promise. We ensure maximum transparency and value for your money.

Additional services. Apart from luxurious stays, we offer a lot of extended services which adds value to your dream vacation.

Inclusive Concierge Service

The lovely blend of extravagance and exceptional amenities of our villas that completely redefine genuine hospitality is garnished by a one-on-one experience with highly customized and exclusive personal assistant service. Our inclusive concierge service offer attention to your needs in detail on a very personalized level. All your requirements like excursions, pet care, senior care, car rentals etc are individually met by the person allotted exclusively at your service.

Our Team

At Private Holidays, we value guest privacy. Private Holidays have villas for any kind of luxury requirement, spread across destinations. Villas offered by Private Holidays are well located and has all the modern amenities one can think of, for a luxurious and comfortable holiday.

Anita Kutlesa
Akash G
Senior Travel Sales Executive
Anita Kutlesa
Senior Travel Sales Executive
Anita Kutlesa
Prasanth C.R
Travel Sales Executive
Anita Kutlesa
Akshaya V
Travel Sales Executive
Anita Kutlesa
Latha Anthony
Travel Sales Executive

Why Book With Us?

Experience: A Diverse network of travel professionals and numerous tie-ups with other teams who deliver their best in planning vacations enable us to deliver the best to our clients. Your overall experience matters to us. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free holiday for you!

World-class services: You can reach out to us anytime of the day. With our 24/7 help lines and dedicated personnel at your assistance, experience services that is not just prompt or reliable, but downright memorable! You need our attention; we are just a call away.

Integrity: In everything that we do, whether internal or external, we make sure we conduct transactions with the highest degree of professionalism, at the same time building trust and loyalty by taking responsibility for our actions, always putting ourselves in the situation of our customers. We guarantee that you are in good hands!

Tailor-Made For You: Let’s face it: no two people want the same thing (no, not even on a holiday!). Sit back and enjoy vacation planning as we figure out the nuances of what you hope to experience on your holiday and deliver a delightful experience that’s been created just for your palette! You name it, we have it.

Service knowledge: you will be updated about every move of ours. We make sure the holiday is as personalized as you want it to be. Take the stress out of planning with our top notch services. Private Holidays always finds the perfect place to stay based on your preferences. From hotel bookings to spa appointments, consider it all done way before your arrival at your dream destinations.

Be safe and sound: Private holidays is committed to the promotion of a healthy and safe travel. Rest assured that all measures to ensure your security and protection during your holiday are in place when you’re dealing with us. Your safety is ensured at Private holidays.

Flexibility: Our Hallmark: Explore the world your way. We have something for every kind of traveler. Our systems and personnel are quick to respond and are prepared to weave in changes of your preference when it comes to putting together your perfect holiday. Say goodbye endless requests, ring in adaptability!