Do travellers really live longer?

All travellers are looking for new reasons to explore new destinations. Are you also looking for more? Well, we have a new reason for you to travel. Of course, travelling is such a wonderful feeling, why would someone want to miss escaping their daily chores and wander off to a new place. According to recent studies, it has been proven that travelling often keeps you not just happy, but also increases your lifespan. Wanna find out how? Let’s look at how we travellers can improve our lifespan by just wandering away.

Travelling makes you happier and healthier

No doubt that travelling makes us all happier, but has an added benefit of making you healthier as well. Researchers have found that women who travel often have lower risks of heart attack. The study also shows that men who do not travel have a higher rate of 20% risk of death, or falling sick. So now you have a new reason to tick that dream destination off your bucket list.

Travel for a stress-free life

Isn’t it true, that most often we travel to release stress and just relax? Especially a beach vacation is meant to laze around and absolutely stay disconnected from the outside world for a couple of days. Which means that taking a break that is indeed necessary to revive and get back fresh, to our daily routine. Such breaks are necessary to regain your health, rather than working hard all the time which might cost your healthy lifestyle.

Build a stronger immunity system

An interesting study suggests that getting exposed to new environments help your body build a stronger immune system. Yes, that’s right! Constantly living in the same environment your body might be prone to a certain type of climatic conditions. But when you spend time in new places, your body will go through certain changes. Breathing a clean fresh air amidst the forest, playing in the clean beach waters, trying some new local cuisine, your body will develop a stronger immunity system and learn to adapt to new environments easily which in turn adds extra days to your life.

Travelling keeps you physically fit

One of the important things everyone talks about is exercising regularly to stay fit and healthy. Spending long hours at a local gym or taking an extra mile walk with your loved one might be one of the ways. Interestingly, you tend to give a little more of that, to your body while you travel. Taking a city tour, or a heritage walk just to get the feel of the new place or a hike to enjoy the sunset with your family, will definitely help you shed off an extra pound.

Travelling heals the mind, body and soul

Whether you believe in the magical vibes that certain places offers or not, they will definitely leave a lasting impression on your mind. Soaking yourself in the pristine clear waters, or spending some time meditating in the holy shrines of different spiritual significance will make create a lasting impression on your mind. Especially certain places which seem to have some sought of connection with your soul, create an extraordinary pleasure which makes great memories. So travelling can also have a lasting impact which can heal you, and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Travelling is an exercise for the brain

During your vacation, you might come across certain challenging situations like finding your own mode of transportation, or trying to communicate in a local language which is an exercise to the brain. Even living in a new place for few days stimulates the brain in many ways, which can improve focus and concentration that leads to a longer lifespan

Travelling makes you forget all the troubles

We all want to forget about troubles and stay without them. Of course, that sounds like we want to live in a magic land. But travelling will surely help you forget them at least for a while during your vacation. It’s not a way of escaping from life, but to gain a new perspective and look at in a broader way. The main focus while travelling is on what to explore, what is new in the present city and how better we can utilize our time to cover all the places around. When you are busy planning this journey, how can one think of the troubles? And surely this will help you be happier and lead to added days to your life.

Pack Smart

Wondering how this tip will help you live longer? Everything related to travel can either be stressful or fun at the same time. Packing smart for your holiday will be a benefit for you. Remember to pack only what is necessary and carry conveniently. You don’t need to carry all types of shoes and need not pack your entire wardrobe. But carry what exactly is necessary for also in case of emergency so that you don’t panic on a holiday. Ensure you pack them yourself to avoid confusion and cause unnecessary drama!

Get Travel Insurance

This is the last one on our list but definitely the most important one. Travel insurance sounds like an added expense and exceeds the budget but just in case everything goes haywire only insurance can save you instead of getting stranded in a strange place. Due to weather conditions or unexpected luck the flights might get delayed or cancelled or baggage getting misplaced or for whatever reason, there might be a medical emergency which will lead to a lot of tensions and lose a track of your own health. So be well prepared for such scenarios so that you can have a great time.

Well, now we have a lot more reasons to stay healthy and increase our lifespan. It’s not just my experience but a lot of studies in the USA and Australia have proven that travelling will definitely give you more days to live. So why waste them working all the time. Take enough breaks to travel more and live more!


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