Here's how to get the ‘Monsoon Wedding’ look right

Each time we hear the word monsoon all one can picture is lying on your couch snugly in your pajamas, with a cup of hot chocolate or maybe a plate full of home cooked hot pakodas! Oh, my...

But what if you are invited to attend a wedding this season? Though the entire notion of monsoon wedding seems amorous, the entire picture of blending makeup and sloppy outfits is surely a bummer. Although, it is not really easy to appear stunning on your wedlock during the rainy season. Becoming a bride, you must pay a little extra concentration, and put more attempts to look beautiful on your big day.

You can’t choose an apparel for your wedding in rains irrespective of paying it a thought, spend more time and put more efforts before you select your final dress. But, the drive to seem like a diva on your rainy union is not that hard. You must pay more thought to each and everything to seem beautiful on your big day.

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Well, you surely need certain preparations so that you aren’t someone to get seized off-guard.

Especially if it's your bestie's wedding, not all but the remaining eyes are going to be on you! worried now? Well, don't be.

We have listed below few essential tips to assist you and make this monsoon wedding a memorable one:

Bright it up!

The appearance and feeling of monsoons are normally melancholy, include certain colors to it by picking up neon or incandescent attires. The perfect accomplice to your appearance could be a hand-designed vivid umbrella that would provide you with that desi touch, and also guard you against heavy rainfalls!

If it’s your D-day, picking the ideal shade as per your skin tone, climate and the wedding venue is extremely relevant. Your wedlock outfit must be perfectly in match with the nuptials venue. These days, maximum of the brides and bridegrooms ponder the color themes of the place prior to selecting the wedlock outfit. During the rainy season, it is perpetually advised to choose the daytime and glowing shades. A light and comforting tone will enable you to look beautiful and pristine the entire day in this sticky climate.

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It is further essential to pay attention to the fabric you pick. During monsoons, if you fancy buying your favorite designer wedding lehenga in a weighty material or a fabric in which you just can't breathe, it will make it difficult for you to even walk throughout the wedlock commemorations. It is adequate to go ahead with something light and softening like sheer net, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and brocade. It is perpetually better to dodge fabrics like velvet, silk, art silk, brocade. Also, dodge massive stitchery on your skirt.

Lehengas & Trousers Are Best At Ankle Length

For all of you fantasizing of that enormous trail of lehenga, or floor-length palazzos. Beside slick grounds and mud throughout, it is an ideal attire to opt ankle-length pants that are profoundly in-trend and skirts that are short in length. These will assist you to showcase your lovely anklets as well.

One more thing to contemplate while purchasing your wedlock attire is selecting it based on appropriate heaviness and stitchery. Choose the attire with perfect decoration and glitter work. It might be that you might not feel content with a weighty sequence during the monsoon season as the strings force cause itchiness, select an attire that is very light in weight. During this season, a light flowy attire will get you less perspiring and aid you to find air to breathe.

Waterproof Makeup Is Your Saviour

This is an additional point of worry for all the brides and bridesmaids when you discuss weddings during monsoons. When it comes to a rainy season wedlock, it is ideal to spend on watertight make-up. Dodge the weighty base of foundation on oily surfaces and stamp light watertight cosmetics that will look cakey and is suitable for girls having delicate skin. Besides, don’t overlook your waterproof mascaras and eyeliners.

Avoid Unhealthy Food

Have the heavy rains made you stretching out for that big cup of kadak chai and a garma garam serving of aloo pakodas? stop just there! Though the showers might offer you immunity from the sweltering temperature, it additionally delivers a range of diseases and the sporadic flu.

It is essential to prepare ourselves for those illnesses. This might come as a shock, but rainfall is normally resolute to the stomach. We urge you to desist uncooked meals like slaws and frozen edibles like desserts. Picking up freshly and purely prepared meals diminish the possibilities of falling ill and assists in metabolism.

Comfortable Footwear Is A Must

While selecting your footwear for your own wedding or even if you are attending someone else's wedding, think about the location and climate. To dodge any end-minute trouble, it is perpetually ideal to choose footwear with least ends or square heels. You can also opt for flat shoes or sandals. Select something that will match your outfit, and should be extremely convenient.

The utmost essential abettor to your whole look is the kind of footwear you pick! Sadly, you’ll have to discard all those 6-inch heels. Picking up colorful kohlapuris & Rajasthani mojris can be the perfect pick this monsoon. The colors would further amuse your parasols and you wouldn’t even have to bother regarding the insane dance moves!

Real Jewellery

Whenever we discuss regarding the rains, you favour carrying something very light in weight when it comes to ornaments as well. Go ahead with the merest ornaments or lightweight ornaments for your marriage or even if you are attending one. It is essential to pick least yet perfect ornaments that will match with your attires. Picking up artificial jewelry can cause you skin infections amidst the rainwater. Match your attires with chunky studs and chains that are light in weight for that flawless appearance!

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