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This privacy statement describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information. We may amend this privacy statement from time to time.

The types of personal information we may collect will include your first name, last name, email address and phone number and address. The credit card details, the guest stay information and other information that you provide shall be collected.

We use your personal information to complete and administer your online reservation and to send you a confirmation email, a pre-arrival email and provide you with information about the area and our accommodation.

We may use service providers to process your personal information strictly on our behalf. This processing would be for purposes such as facilitating accommodation details or sharing with law enforcement authorities.

Booking Terms

To make a booking, you must complete the booking confirmation pages on our website. To confirm your reservation, you must pay the appropriate deposit as stated on the booking confirmation pages

Payment can be made using our online payment system, or alternatively you can request that one of our operations team contacts you to make payment over the telephone.

A binding agreement will only come into existence between you and us when we issue and dispatch a confirmation invoice to the party leader. Until then we shall be under no liability to you whatsoever.

We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises between us out of or in connection with your contract or booking, shall be settled at as per the Indian judicial terms

Booking Conditions

  • Private Holidays acts as an agent for Property owners ("Host") and their representatives ("Host's Representative") in promoting Properties for rent and arranging bookings. Each time a Guest confirms a booking of a property through Private Holidays, a Rental Contract is entered into between the Host or the Host's Representative for the agreed period ("Rental Period"), and the guest in whose name the booking is made (the "Guest"). Each time a Guest books a Property through Private Holidays, the Guest is deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. The Rental Contract is not effective until Private Holidays has confirmed the Guest's booking in writing.
  • If payments are not made on or before the due dates as required herein, we may cancel the booking, in which case this Rental Contract will be thereby terminated without any further notice required. Cancellation charges may apply as mentioned.
  • Confirmation details, the Property address, contact details of the Owner or Owner's Representative, transfer arrangements and directions to the Property will be sent to the Guest in a reservation voucher when full payment is received. This voucher, along with the Guest's passport, need to be presented upon arrival.
  • Typical check-out and check-in times are 12:00 noon and 3:00pm respectively unless stated otherwise. Private Holidays will work with the Owner or Owner's Representative to try to accommodate the Guest's actual arrival and departure times, subject to availability. Please do advise Private Holidays of any changes to the Guest’s schedule so every effort can be made to accommodate them.

Host Terms and Conditions

  • If payments are not made on or before the due dates as required herein, the Host or the Host’s Representative may cancel the booking, in which case this Rental Contract will be thereby terminated without any further notice required.
  • Typically telephone and internet charges and provisioning costs will be the Guest’s responsibility. Gratuities for household staff are encouraged and normal, but are left entirely to the Guest’s discretion.
  • Any damage or losses caused during the Rental Period, as well as any special cleaning requirements will be the Guest’s responsibility and may be charged to the Guest’s account.
  • The Property and its facilities are available for the Guest’s full enjoyment during the Rental Period. However the Host, Host’s Representative, or other staff and contractors may need access to the Property from time to time (e.g. for maintenance purposes to the house, garden, swimming pool, utilities and services, or for the purposes of providing additional services requested by the Guest, etc.). The Guest is required to give them reasonable access to the Property for these purposes.
  • The number of persons (adults and children) staying at the Property must not exceed the maximum number of sleeping places indicated in the booking confirmation and reservation voucher, unless specifically authorized in writing. Exceeding this number may invalidate the written confirmations.
  • All bookings are assumed to be for normal holiday purposes only, and the Guest agrees that the use of the Property will be limited to this purpose unless otherwise confirmed in writing.
  • Note that some Properties are in residential areas or estates, and some are subject to rules and regulations regarding their use. Therefore, it may not always be possible to grant permission for certain uses or activities due to these or other reasons beyond the control of Private Holidays and the Host.
  • Properties are generally located in quiet residential neighborhoods. The Guest is asked to respect this, and ensure that all guests and visitors to the Property behave appropriately. Illegal or immoral activities including gambling, prostitution, prohibited drugs, possession or use of pyrotechnics or dangerous goods, and possession or use of firearms and other weapons are all strictly prohibited.
  • The Guest is responsible for the Property during the Rental Period, and must ensure that all windows and doors are locked securely when not on the premises. Any act or omission by the Guest, their party and/or visitors which may result in loss or damage is the Guest’s responsibility.

Cancellation Policy

We do understand that cancellation of the services arise from unavoidable circumstances but as a process of maintaining the industrial standards we advise our clients to follow the following cancellation policy.

  • Cancellation of services pertains to one way – cancellation of services i.e. from the client
  • The Cancellation policy comes into effect, as per the customer's request in writing (mail, letter) after the booking advance is paid.

The customer is aware that unavailability (natural calamity, maliciousness causes) of services after the booking advance received do not come under cancellation policy.

No-show circumstances will not be regarded as cancellation

The cancellation of services evolves into the following stages after the written request is been received

  • Booking Advance amount will be held as a penalty of cancellation
  • The remaining amount will be held if any, as per the services utilized by the client


  • Booking Advance - No refund
  • Cancellation before 35 Days of travel - 40% of total cost
  • Cancellation before 20 Days of travel - 60% of total cost
  • Cancellation Within the travelling week - 100% of total cost