10 Best locations to surf

The abundance of 73% of the water that our planet is blessed with, we have beaches almost everywhere. It’s amazing how the water levels behave at various locations creating a contrasting backdrop. While some like to relax at the shore, the surfers love exploring the various facets of water. Pack your bags; pick your surf board, while we take you to the top 10 best locations across the globe to surf.

1. Be Bold on the coast of Gold, Queensland, Australia

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Gold coast in the state of Queensland of Australia is one of the popular destinations for surfing. With a stretch of 70kms of sun-kissed beaches, no wonder it’s called the Surfers Paradise. Not only it’s the dream destination for every surfer to try their skills on these waters, but to be a part of the most happening international surfing competitions. It boasts of about 35 beaches with well equipped professional surfers also teaching you to catch your first wave on the board. If you are a surfing novice, this is a perfect place to tick that new adventure off your bucket list. Palm beach, Rainbow Bay, Duranbah Beach are some of the famous beaches to try surfing.

2. Strengthen your lifeline on the Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline, Oahu

The Banzai pipeline or also simply called as the “Pipeline” is a surf reef break located in the Hawaii. This is an astonishing sight to see the waves break once the water reaches the shallows of the reef forming huge hollow waves which form thick curls of crystal clear blue waters. This sure is a on the list of every surfers dream, as it’s also the most risky place to surf. No wonder the surfing pros come here to show off their board skills. An average wave is about 9 feet (3 m) which can even go higher at times. Many have been killed and seriously injured at this location. It’s suitable to surf here as long as you’re a pro. You might want to try the Surf line’s Wave of the winter competition. Try your board luck on this exotic island.

3. Benvenuto to Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia

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A village at the south - east coast of the Pacific Ocean, Teahupo’o is best known for its glassy waves offshore reaching up to a height of 23 feet (7 m). Yes! No kidding, this place is the site for the annual surfing competitions for pros including the World championship tours. The reputation of the place is because it’s a reef break with an extremely shallow coral reef which is just 20 inches beneath the water’s surface. A steep wall of reef causes the entire mass to fold onto a scalloped semi circle breaking arc creating an instant instability to the water. Referred to as one of the deadliest ways, it was added to the Transworld’s surf’s list of “Top 10 Deadliest Waves”. Try a carve on these dangerous but breathtaking waves.

4. Go psycho on the shores of Puerto Escondido, Ooxaca, Mexico

Image result for teahupoo surfingOffering a perfect wave for every surfer, this is a dream destination which on the top 10 list. The fickle wave at the Zicatela beach is just magnificent that no magazine photo does justice to. Famous for its pristine barreling beach breaks, waves here size upwards of 20 feet in the late spring and summers. Local markets and shops fill the cities while inexpensive hotels, restaurants, boutique and surf shops line up the wide stretch of the Main Street that runs parallel to the Zicatela beach. Ultra selective, skilled surfers wait for just the right wave to roll through. For many good reasons, Surfing is big in Puerto. Too big, too heavy, too likely to close out and they pass. Next time you’re in Mexico, you know where to pass.

5. Discover your inner wizard at the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

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Whatever your motivation or level of experience, if you have a passion for surfcasting, you owe it to yourself to explore the quintessential New England island of Martha’s Vineyard, where the lifestyle of the surfcaster is ingrained in the local culture. With its distinctive topography and diverse shorelines planted off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Vineyard offers opportunities for all types of Sherman at all levels of experience. Martha’s Vineyard is an 87-square-mile patch of sand and rock shaped roughly like a giant triangle. Surfcasters have been drawn to the Vineyard for many years for the endless variety of terrain. On one side of the island there are beautiful sandy beaches that seem endless, while only a few miles away, on would be awed by the massive boulders and miles of rocky shoreline.

6. Time to go bingo at Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Whether you are a surfing enthusiast or travelling with one, Costa Rica’s North Pacific is still one of the best places for surfing and quiet a retreat. Tamarindo offers three different beaches with different kind of surfing experience you might want to carry out. The best three surfing destinations at Tamarindo are Playa Grande, Langosta and Avellanas. Grande is 30 minute drive north of Tamarindo. It is the most consistent beach break in the area; the waves are often overhead when Tamarindois knee high. It’s also famous as a Leatherback turtle nesting beach, though only a fraction of turtles nest here now. Langosta offers great waves at the river mouth and fast hollow waves further south at the beach break. It is often not crowded and is a beautiful beach with no developments south of the river. Avellanas has great beach breaks at high tide, a river mouth which can have good barrels at low tide, and the infamous Little Hawaii reef break at the far north of the beach.

7. Let’s outreach at Kuta beach, Bali

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Bali's most surfed beach resort destination “Kuta Beach” is located on the western side of the island. There was a time when it was no more than a quite fishing village surrounded by huge waves until surfers and beachcombers explored the potential this beach had for surfing. The waves and tides are ideal for all kind of surfers, professional and amateurs and this is why you will find a vast variation of colors and creed who have love and passion towards surf boards. It’s a beautiful beach with white sand stretch 3 kilometers from Seminyak Beach to Tuban area which is blessed by the great waves that is ideally for surf adventures. At over two miles long and with the backdrop of the biggest party town in Bali, Kuta Beach is actually a pretty good place to surf. It may not look perfectly enticing due to the dark water, caused by the black sand beach, but the waves here rival some of the best beach breaks in the world.

8. Don’t get accused at Santa Cruz, California

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A friend of mine only half-jokingly calls surfing the most selfish thing in the world and why wouldn’t he, when he himself lost the track of time when he was supposed to go on a lunch with his girlfriend and it was evening when he realized the danger. This may be a reason why people call Santa Cruz as a “Surf City”. There are many beaches which are great for young and learning surfers and also some dangerous ones which can only be handled by really good experienced ones. The coast forms a sort of natural bight, the area's myriad beach breaks, points, and rocky reefs absorb swell from just about any direction—northwest to dead south—translating to rideable waves almost every day of the year. Big waves, secret spots, outer-reef bombies, even a world-class right-hand reef-point in Steamer Lane—Santa Cruz has them all.

9. Hey, hey, hey. . . Let’s meet at Jeffrey’s Bay, South Aftrica


The beach consist of vast expands of sand towards North and an interesting rocky platform on the southern end. Also is known for its long rides which can be as long as 900 feet. Surfing events such as annual World surf League (WSL) are being held here which brings some of the best surfers from around the world. From March to October, the wave swells stack up in a 3 to 6+ foot range which is enjoyed by most of the surfers and really admirable for learners. Since winters may get extremely cold with chilling waters, you may not want to dive in without a 3mm+ suit. If you are looking for high tides which may be in a 10-12 foot range, you may have to move a little North for an experience which shall be a memorable one and an ultimate platform to test your surfing abilities.

10. Let’s find out how at Siargao, Phillipines

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Undoubtedly Siargao is one of the top 10 surfing sites of the world. “Cloud 9” which also means elated is also the name of the famous wave in Siargao Islands. Also Cloud nine is a three story viewing tower with a 360 degree view from where you can watch the surfers all along the coastline. This is a place where surfers from round the world come to enjoy and relax. And since the climate is great though-out most of the year, it becomes a favorite destination for those who don’t like to plan things in advance. Even if you are not a beach bum or a surf fan, you will appreciate this place despite its worn structure and long bamboo trail which you need to brave under the scorching heat to reach it. But climbing the tower is so much fun with all the breeze, stunning sunset, and sea and sand views. This can be one of your best experiences if you are a true Beach lover.

It begins simply enough by just grabbing a board, rubbing gummy wax on the deck. Charge into the roiling surf and ride the waves. Surfing provides the subtext for athleticism and free-form expression. Some have described it as sport. Others say it’s an art form. Surfing actually enlists all these traits, drawing to the ocean the millions who have an unquenchable thirst for adventure and travel. What are you waiting for to try your luck in this rich sport? It’s no wave technology! Grab your surf boards, your wave is waiting. . !

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