10 Monsoon Destinations In India That Will Make You Dance In The Rain!

The scent of the soil caressed by the dewdrops of the very first drizzles of the monsoon is an exhilarating experience and offers aromatic sensations. The music of the raindrops touching the bare soil that has been expecting it, just like a smitten lover for beyond a year is certainly melody to the common ears. Deep welkins flying steadily athwart the air, strokes of lightning charming blazingly, thunder hits triumphantly declaring the opening of the rains, Cuckoos chirping rapturously and peacocks tripping with freedom. The picture is nothing diminutive of angelic.

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It is that time of the year where nature does its primordial dance to convey the life into satisfaction. The Monsoons have entered. Farmers hold an exhalation of satisfaction, kids jump in and out of ruts, few strips to get an open bath beneath the welkins. The heart appears to ripple with a newfangled enthusiasm, and ballads and poems spring uninvited to the lips.

Rains drop their shiny polish on carpetings of the green meadow, perennials bow their stems shyly at the sense of little drops.

Cities, hamlets, and townships are wrapped in an atmosphere of purity and primitive charm. Rains change the cosmos and spots arrogate a heavenly radiance, a dreamy mark that at once spellbinds and enchants. India, the home to the assorted and diverse panorama is habitat to a gathering of monsoon stops exactly where the charm of the rains is to be perceived to be accepted. These locations receive a natural change, while the rains and ensure a charismatic encounter to guests. Monsoon vacations in India are certainly a once in a lifetime adventure since the extrinsic places omit you jaw-dropped with its charm. The cliffs and peaks get blanketed with rich verdant, the streams inundate with shimmering water, the falls landscapes grow angelic, to get you fall deeply with the Incredible India.

If you are someone who doesn’t care to get a little bit damp, then the listed below 10 astonishing sites to tour during the monsoon in India are ideal for drinking a hot coffee, and spending some time off the usual city life:

Lonavala – Maharashtra


Situated in the land of Maharashtra it is one of the most adored destinations for monsoon vacations. Rested in the western ghats and quite near from Pune and Mumbai is Lonavla, a scenic hilltop station that obtains a soothing enchantment throughout the rains. Several tiny and huge falls rapids descending the ghats in a dramatic brilliance. Lonavla also recognized for its popular Chikki (sweetened groundnut and jaggery sweet)

Are you residing in Pune or Mumbai and considering the perfect spots to explore in India while monsoon? Well, your search ends here. With the incipience of monsoon, the Sahyadri range and the ghats refresh with beautiful meadows, jaw-dropping falls and a soothing atmosphere. For a swift break from the busy town, organize an excursion to the picturesque hills of Lonavala.



Does this place need any introduction at all? Its name is enough to implore the fascinating sights of extended shores accompanied by palm trees. During monsoons, the charm of this exotic location attains a different level of beauty in all. Aloof the beaches, this is the ideal time to tour the woods of Goa for hiking and exploring the falls. It’s the ideal spot to get drenched in the showers and experience some absolutely delightful Goan specialities.The bodice- ripper and the melody of this place grow invincible as the raindrops touch the soil, making it one of the most loved destinations to explore during monsoons.

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Kodaikanal – Tamil Nadu


Recognized as the “royalty of hill stations” this is one of the greatest monsoon stops in India. Located in the Palani mountains of western ghats, it extends magical falls, streams and rich meadows and panoramic landscapes of the ghats and mountains.There is no spectacle and atmosphere greater than that of pine woodlands. Kodaikanal has been habitat to lounging pine forests ever since the beginning of the 20th century. Not only do they supplement to its aesthetics, they further commit to the marvelous climate here.

Starting from the patient Kodaikanal Lake to the sumptuous Poombarai hamlet, Kodaikanal possesses a plethora of places to voyage for all kinds of tourists. Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Dolphin’s Nose, and Coaker’s Walk are few of the outstanding pulls that one shouldn't miss out on, if in Kodaikanal. If you desire to spend few days resting in the most beautiful part of nature, tour the astounding Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu this rainy season.

Andaman and Nicobar islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Amidst its sun-caressed shores, azure lagoons and jaw-dropping sights, the Andaman Islands are just the perfect place for avid travelers. During monsoons that hit from late May to finish of July and these islands, nested off in an edge of the earth, grow even extra enchanting.

Is it unquestionably the ideal time to explore Andamans, why? Well, the rich grassy plants and picturesque charm become viable, the traveler haste is finished and hotels allow handsome cuts.

An assortment of approximately 570 islands, this fascinating place possesses astounding wildlife, exciting water sports, natural silver powder shores, hills, breathtaking inherent charm and kindred voyage. This site will nevermore perceive to surprise you, and you are assured to fall deeply for its unbelievable grace. It must be on top of your listing of great monsoon ends in India.

Coorg – Karnataka


Largely recognized as Kodagu, Coorg is barely six hours off the bustling town of Bangalore and a favourite getaway through the rains. The rainfalls supplement a special appeal to this region, despite it encounters a huge amount of rain as it is established on the eastward side of the Western Ghats.

Madikeri is the highly picked spot in Coorg. Enriched with plenty of stuff to do and spots to view, the trip to Madikeri is not just picturesque, however, presumably the illustrious fields you will ever witness in any division of Karnataka. With newly cleaned coffee estates on both sides, the haze of Coorg is destined to invite you once again. Also, recognized for its impenetrable woodland canopy, it further assists as a biodiversity hotspot displaying extensive species of flora and fauna. This idyllic stop allows enchanting falls, streams, enormous coffee estates and delectable menus to satisfy your taste buds.

Munnar – Kerala


The backwaters, the palms, and the rice greens appear to emit in occasion as the showers splash down from the skies. One of the most favorite monsoon spots in Kerala, the southern state of India, is undoubtedly Munnar. Besides its broad fields of tea farms, wildlife sanctuaries, scenic canyons, and peaks shroud itself in a blanket of courtly game.

The scent of rainfall amalgam with the fragrance of unusual spices to get the oxygen you inhale into an exciting drug. Munnar is a hilltop station established in the Idukki region of Kerala and snuggles in the sumptuous western ghats. Munnar is absolutely a heaven in God’s own land. With shimmering haze, astonishingly huge tea patios, verdant slopes, idyllic environment and favorable atmosphere, this hilltop site is absolutely one of the most popular travel sites in India whilst rains.

Ladakh – Jammu and Kashmir (during the end of September)


This frozen desert of India is certainly on the record of several tourists and it absolutely breathes up to its demands. With its various range trails, shimmering lagoons, glass transparent water blockaded by snow-capped majestic peaks, it is utterly enchanting. This site is a must tour in the summertime and after monsoons as the trails are open up for riding unlike in winter times.

You can also roam nearby the Pangong lake that truly indicates long, slender, magical lake in Tibet, indulge with the snowflakes at Changla pass, and solicit graces at the Thiksey monastery.

Udaipur – Rajasthan


This site absolutely mirrors its heroic history of the maharajas with the considerable amount of castles, markets and stunning lakes. It doesn’t skip a single opportunity to offer you that royal tactility. While monsoons, this site awakens with a sign of richness throughout its primitive creeks and castles to offer you jaw-dropping vistas.

Spiti Valley – Himachal Pradesh

Himanchal Pradesh

Also, recognized as “little Tibet” this site is secure by people and so maintains its enchanting and appealing charm. There’s definitely magic in the atmosphere of Spiti that is certain to get you fall for this spot. Spiti is the excellent nusual place to tour during monsoons in India (ideal for the genuine adventure junkies).

Shillong – Meghalaya


One of the greatest sites in India while monsoons are the town of Shillong that experiences the heaviest showers throughout the monsoons. Enclosed by charming channels of Khasi and Jayanti mountains, embellished by diverse waterfalls, Shillong allows a picturesque landscape of the verdant natural landscape.

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