10 tips for your Road Trip that goes easy on your pockets

Bollywood or Hollywood, one thing that both these industries have excited the youth of today is the Road Trip. Be it the series of Hangover or the Tomatino Festival showcased in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara, or take a leap back and peep into Dil Chahta Hai and we could even see the latest addition to the world of entertainment which is the web series called The Trip – the main essence of all these movies were Friends and Road trip. Just like how friends and Road trip is an unbeatable combination, money and road trip is another bombastic combination. All of us sure want the first combo but the second combo gets mandatory. You cannot get rid of it, but we will make sure you can at least save a little on your pockets. So just keep reading and scrolling down.

1. Plan in Advance

Plan your road trip well in advance so that you do not land up paying the last minute high charges on Hotels, Car rentals, etc. Also, you can check the calendar for long weekends in advance and book accordingly so that you do not land up with no availability everywhere and ultimately land up with a trip to nowhere.

2. Off Season Vs Peak Season

If you are planning in advance make sure you avoid December as December is the season at its peak. You will land up paying rocket prices for a trip that you are going to be doing in the car. Select a season that is not a tourist attractor and you will save a lot in that.

3. Petrol Vs Diesel

In case you are renting a car, opt for a diesel car instead of petrol versions as they will save a lot of money towards your fuel consumption because road trips are usually longer than we think they are.

4. Hotel Booking

For booking hotels always look for the several online options available. There are several online apps/websites that help with hotel bookings. They are very competitive and generally priced lower than the hotel website. Compare the rates across the sites and get the cheapest deal. Sometimes there is also payback/cash back offers from the website which will help you save money. Also while booking look for the “Book now, Pay later option” with free cancellation. This will save you from cancellation charges just in case your road trip does not happen.

5. Hotel Vs Apartment

If you are a group of friends then most of the times staying in a rental apartment/ house is cheaper than staying in the hotel. There are a few online rental options available that could give you a very good deal. Also if you opt for an apartment with a functional kitchen then it could save you even at the expense of the restaurants. You could prepare your own meal and save money. Well, many say that who would like to cook on a holiday, but when you are on road for even more than 4 days you start missing the home cooked food and house rental is a perfect solution to your problem.

6. Couch Surfer Option

When you are really broke, that does not necessarily mean that you need to give up on your travel. Couch Surfing is sure a good option for the people who do not want to spend a lot on the accommodation. Couch Surfing sure is not a place you can crash for free but it will save a lot for you. If you are not aware of Couch Surfing then click here to know more.

7. Charge your Mobile Phones Well

Keep your Google Maps handy on your phone at every point in time as it is important to follow the best route as you save a lot on the fuel. In case you do not have the Google maps then there is a possibility that you may miss the route or forget the route or get into the wrong route or get into the road that has too much traffic. While doing so you do not realise how much you spend on the fuel by travelling in an unwanted direction. Hence it is very important to charge your phones very well before you start your journey for the day.

8. Well Planned Routes and Stops

It’s not just important to know your destinations, but it is more important to know and plan your route and stops well in advance. Start your day early in the morning to avoid traffic which eventually will affect your fuel budget. Also get your routes offline on Google maps as there may be several occasions where you may not have the data coverage. So saved maps, save phone battery (as GPS and data consume too much battery) and also will lead you in the right direction and hence help you save and use money as well as time wisely.

9. Save on Food and Time

Carry a lot of snacks and finger food and drinks and keep yourself well fed. This is because you may have to travel a lot on some day and on those days instead of wasting time by taking breakfast stop, lunch stop, snack stop you could be just on the move. This will not only save you time but also keep you energetic and excited through the journey as well as save you money as you may skip a meal. Also by doing this if you start early in the morning, you will avoid traffic if you do not stop for breakfast and hence save on the fuel as well.

10. Save on Car Rental

If you own a car and you are taking the same car for your road trip, then you will save big on the car rentals as you do not have to pay any. But the other bunch out there, that are planning to rent a car, let me tell you, the car rentals are going to dig your pockets deep. Before you finalize on any of the rental companies, get the costing from three shortlisted rentals and compare them. Try negotiating on the prices on the car before you finalize the prices. You sure will save few bucks on that.

So I hope these tips save you some bucks while you are on road and you have a road trip that’s worth remembering. And if you have never ever gone on a road trip before then you totally should plan for one as soon as possible because it is one hell of an experience.

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