12 Ways travel makes your life better

The topic I’m writing on is kind of my favourite one. After writing a number of travel based articles, the knowledge that I have gained by just research is enormous. But let me tell you it is absolutely incomparable to the benefits that add to the quality of your life when you actually travel. Whether you travel solo, or with your family, travelling is just a blissful experience by itself. Of course, there are many, but let me narrow it down to 12 and tell you why!

1. Travel far enough to meet yourself!

That’s right! Isn’t it? Have you noticed that you become suddenly spiritual and connect with some inner power within yourself when you travel? How often do we have time in our daily routines and sit and connect with ourselves? Especially when you travel solo, to calm places where there is less hustle-bustle and just the nature, you realize that hidden power within you. Take time to discover those real life goals. When you come back, you know how important spending time with yourself is, and to rejuvenate during those stressed out weekdays.

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2. Travelling leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller!

I’m sure you're nodding your head while you read this. When you return from your vacation, you are driven with multiple stories in your brain, trying to explode. These fascinating stories will strike such lovely conversations with your friends. Without even making any effort, randomly you become a great conversationalist, and this helps you observe and learn so much in your daily life.

3. Let’s wander where the Wi-Fi is weak !

Don’t you agree with this? Why always look for a luxury resort with all the amenities? Travel places with weak Wi-Fi. The extremes of any locality would always give you the best of untouched nature’s beauty. Above all, this is the best way to communicate with the local people and make some new friends. You learn to approach strangers and feel comfortable talking to them. Soak up in the new culture, make some new friends, back home this will give you an extra confidence to talk boldly to strangers and strike conversations with your co-workers.

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4. Working makes you money, but travelling makes you rich!

This is no myth but a fact. Of course, money is an essential part of our living. But just earning and saving a lot of money will not fetch you any knowledge or experience in life. When you travel, you get to learn the new language, the new culture, the gain new experiences that you make you richer amongst your group. You realize that deep down the entire human race is connected no matter which part of the world you are from. The experience that adds to the value of life is immense.

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5. One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things!

During your travel, you come across different kinds of people. Not just the destination, but also during your travel. Just take a glimpse at how different each human is. This of course, changes your perspective of how wonderfully weird life feels. It broadens your perspective of looking at people, and the way you treat them. You learn to be much more gentle and calm and understand the situations better in making your life decisions. If not, you have got to travel to the rural areas and understand the various problems and conditions people live in and are yet content.

6. Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures!

This makes a lot of sense if you have wanderlust, like me. Have you ever travelled solo and tried out that daring adventure your parents said NO to? If you still haven’t, my sincere advice is “JUST DO IT”! This definitely sounds scary, but trust me once you have tried that it is pure bliss. Be curious to experience river rafting, or that bungee jump or any other adventure on your bucket list. And this helps you so much in life, to try out new things without having to fear.

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7. Offline is the new luxury!

With the advancement in the technology, no doubt even the younger generation is so addicted to the gadgets. But it’s necessary that you learn to unlearn the addiction of technology. Just take a break from all the devices and listen to the nature’s sounds. The birds chirping, the cool breeze, the rippling waves are some of the beautiful healing sounds that produce a lasting effect on your health. This in turn helps you appreciate the small things in life. Spend some time reading at the beach, and understand the value of books. The next time your gadget gives you a tough time, you don’t have to get frustrated instead you know what to do.

8.. The capacity to learn is a gift, but the willingness to learn is a choice!

Though you’re travelling and on a holiday vibe, you tend to become more responsible and learn new skills without even trying. Trying out the new local art, or learning that new language just for the sake of conversation, or a simple new street food that reminds you of your holiday. Can add up to a lot of things, and make you a much more creative person than you thought of. Even simple things like taking care of your own belongings and gadgets, careful enough to be polite to strangers at new destination. You will find things you never knew you were good at.

9. She who follows her own path will never be lost!

Even though you are travelling with your friends or family, nobody will like to do that small pity favours of doing your laundry or putting your phone on charge, grabbing that water bottle overnight. Let’s face it, it’s their holiday too! Being independent is one of the things you learn while you travel. Without paying any attention you would start doing things on your own, without relying on anyone. Especially on your solo travel journey, this becomes the essential part. And with travelling often it’s easier in life to not depend on anyone for your work. You don’t have to wait for someone to be a part of your work, and can finish them by yourself in your time.

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10. Food is our common ground, a universal experience!

Isn’t food truly a universal experience? For some tasting new food is a new adventure but for some nothing can fill their stomach unless it’s home food. Travelling to new places and not trying their delicacy is just absurd. Especially when you travel to new countries, it’s a waste of time going in search or your home country food. Why not try different kinds of food? and relish your taste buds. Eating the same bland food might be boring to you. This life experience makes you much bolder in your choices towards any kind of meal. Once you enjoy trying the new delicacies you don’t have to bother living anywhere on the planet.

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11. If plan A didn't work, there are 25 more alphabets. Stay cool

Most of the vacations are well planned in advance about where you stay, how you organize your local travel, where to eat and how to organize your days to cover maximum places. But it’s natural that things go haywire and unplanned. Well, it’s a new city and you have absolutely little knowledge of how things operate. Be prepared to face all the new challenges you may have to come across. You might not get that steamy hot rice you were looking for, or the ola/uber service. Relax! This teaches you how to live in the moment and adapt yourself to the present situation.

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12. Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose!

Most of the time life is so uncertain that we tend to forget our passion for learning a new language, or the new art form. Travelling makes you wonder about the beautiful things that we miss out because of the hectic corporate lifestyle. When you travel, you come across so many new things and that ignites the passion and creates enthusiasm to learn new things and be active. Isn’t that such an amazing life lesson to find out that purpose we all are in search of?

I’m sure you agree with my list of things you learn from travelling. Keeping the spirit alive and learning new things in life especially through travelling can be such a benefit. The more you travel, the more you learn. This definitely teaches you to become more humble and kind towards people. Travel more and unravel the mysteries of life!

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