20 Reasons to Travel Full Time

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again” – Heard this quote and liked it on any or all social media platform that you came across? If you just said yes for that then keep on reading because I’m just about to give you 20 reasons to travel full time. You never know maybe by the end of this blog, you might give it another thought that you should actually travel full time before you think it is too late. And if you ask me, it is never too late.

Be your Own Boss

In your normal life, you are doing a 9 to 5 job, answerable to people at work, at home, your friends; and your life just circles around them. In all of this, you forget that this is YOUR life and you have the right to live it your way. That’s exactly what travelling full time is going to bring you. You can be your own boss and finally do things your way.

Bucket list

I’m sure you have a bucket list or ‘things to do before you die’ kind of a list. How many of it have you actually checked everything on that list? How can you possibly strike every single thing off that list if you are so busy with your routine life? You have only one life, so travel and do everything that you want to do in the particular city without any compromise.

Prints around the world

Having bruised passports has always been your dream then it is time for you to get on the flight and start this exciting new journey of exploring the world and leaving footprints everywhere you go.

Global Friends

Going on a short annual vacation is not going to open the horizon of meeting new people of different countries as you will be busy exploring the country in the little time you have. But if you travel full time then you in turn spend more time and meet new people and who knows, you might end up travelling together or having a meal together and having a good conversation.

Explore like a Local

When you decide to travel full time, you don’t have to rush the entire visit to that city. This is because you can stay there for longer and explore the city like the locals do and not like a tourist. Better way to know a city, don’t you think so?

Take a course

You must have always wished to take a course – could be art, management or anything else. This is the time for you to take that course. Go where the course is best in the world and enrol yourself. You can only do this when you don’t have to come back to a routine life.

Souvenir, Souvenir and more Souvenirs

What fun is it if you decorate your home with souvenirs that are not even bought personally by you? The fun is to be there in that country or city and know why it is a souvenir and choose from a million options that you have and pick the one that’s your personal favourite. Is this all possible if you are in your own city? Well, you are smart enough to know the answer for this one.

Adrenaline over fears

I haven’t met anyone till date who is fearless. Everyone has some fear or the other. But the adrenaline rush that you get while overcoming your fear is unexplainable. So travel to the different parts of the world and overcome your fear of heights by sky diving, bungee jumping or fear of water by scuba diving and much more.

Learn Something New

While travelling, you are always bound to learn something new every day. Little things would be an eye opener to you and you might wonder how you dint see it all these years. You will be exposed to a whole new lot of things that you would have never noticed otherwise.

Open Up to New Culture

Sitting in your city, you would never understand the culture that prevails in another city, state or country. To understand this, you will have to go to the particular place, Say Africa and live there to know how their culture.

Delight for a Foodie

Ever sat in an Italian restaurant in your city and wondered the authenticity of the food? Or wished that you could actually find an escape way through the menu directly to Italy? Well, make your wishes come true by travelling. You can make your full time travel as a food expedition and try the most bizarre things that one can’t even think of.

Books Vs Reality

We all have studied about the History of the world. But experiencing first hand always teaches us much beyond what is there in the books. So get on your expedition to explore the world, you never know you might create history the way Vasco da Gama did.

Learn a New Language

Taking a 10 day or a weekend language class is never going to work. That’s because you would learn the basics and forget it before you happen to even try speaking the language with someone who knows it. But that’s not the case when you travel. You happen to learn the language because you stay there for a while and speak on a day to day basis and voila, there is a new language you can proudly say you know.

Be Lost in Nature

Ever wanted to isolate from the world and connect to nature? Just stop by a beach and listen to the sound of waves or sit by the garden and listen to the birds chirping or be mesmerized by the beauty of mountains and more? This is hard to do when on a short trip or while not a trip. The best way to connect to the eternal beauty that is the nature is when you know it is okay to stop and enjoy wherever you want to, as you have all your life to travel.

Bankrupt? No way

If you are scared to take the plunge and travel full time only because you think there is going to be no source of income for you to survive; then WAKE UP!! We are living in time where there are whole lot of opportunities that’s opened for freelancers. You can become a freelance travel writer or even a freelancer travel photographer where you can earn while you are travelling because all you need is a laptop and a camera. But how long will you keep working for someone else? So give yourself a little credit for the travelling you do and become a full time travel blogger where you can have a website of your own and that’s like a whole new world altogether because you will collaborate with a lot of people through your work. And if you become a damn good blogger then voila! Sponsored trips (part of the trip or the entire trip), get paid for reviews and much more.

Pursue your Passion

If you are still unsure about travelling full time, you can always pursue your passion to travel full time. You might be either passionate about photography, painting, dancing, sports or any form of art and you can make that as your gateway to live your dream to travel along with your passion.

Look back and Have No Room for Regret

Let’s forward life to the future and imagine you are seventy, sitting back on a rocky chair and having your morning tea and a thought flashes ‘Wish I had the courage to travel more when I had the chance to’ or ‘Wish I could go back in time and change that one thing where I dint go ahead with travelling full time over my lame reasons’. So if you are passionate about travelling, now is the time for you to travel full time because the earlier you start the better, as you are fitter and you have enough time to discover new places.

Money Management

Obviously you are not going to earn big right from the beginning. So travelling full time will teach you how to manage your money in the most optimum way. What a simple way to learn how to spend wisely, isn’t it?

Discover a New YOU

By travelling full time, you are going to be spending maximum time with your own self exploring new cities every now and then. You will be surprised to discover and meet a YOU that you never thought existed and trust me you are going to love this new YOU or should I say that a person is always was deep down inside you but all you had to do was give it a chance to come out.

Engage in Motivating Others

You could just be someone role model for having the courage to give up everything and go travel and live life. So after you have reached a certain point in travelling the world, you could become a travel influencer.

So what are you waiting for? Go give this a thought, resign from your job and travel and live your life in a suitcase or a backpack and trust me, life would be a gazillion times more awesome than what it is already.

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