5 Luxury Holidays on a Budget

A relaxing & luxurious holiday is all that is required to replenish the energy that is lost amidst all that hard work and countless working hours towards the basic necessities of bread & butter and it is our basic right to go on a luxury holiday as compensation. Budget should never be a constraint and so we have come out with destinations and places that will leave you in a totally different world and mindset. Browse through the listed 5 destinations within a refined budget for an overall refreshing experience.


1. CAPE TOWN, South Africa

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Covering an Area of around 950 square miles of landscape and scenic beauty, the weather of Cape Town is pleasant throughout the year. The city has so much to offer that no matter how long you are here, you might always feel a shortage of time. From vine yards & beaches to Wildlife Safari & mouth-watering food, this city offers ones favorite to every individual. For traveling within, you have options of Trains, Bus, Minibus Taxi, Car Hire, Metered taxi, and Uber. The trains do offer a relaxing and rich experience of landscape & wine with their A class compartments.

May sound expensive but is not. The only big expense for this destination is the return Airfare which might be around Rs.55000 INR from Delhi and nearly Rs.43000 from Mumbai which is not really very expensive when we talk of a luxury Holiday. Accommodation such as Hotels, Inns & Resort is obvious choices but also there are provisions of Luxury Guest Houses, standard Lodges and Services Apartments in case you want to explore it out.

Places to Enjoy in Cape Town :

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Start your journey by exploring some amazing beaches of West coast and you can then head for a Vine tasting session at the Cape vineyards all day long. It’s quite a different experience when you get to know that vine is not just a drink but an experience. An experience of culture and origin, a tale of how it originated and evolved to its best flavors. The kind of wines that are offered here are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Merlot, Shiraz etc. which are just a few. The Garden route is a long coastal stretch from Western Cape to Eastern Cape. The never ending scenic view of the sea can simply leave you speechless if asked to describe its beauty. The best way is to get a car rented and explore it yourself. During a long full day drive you may encounter many restaurants, national wildlife parks and museums.

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Truly a destination! Australia is a country of striking landscapes, a rich ancient culture and one of the world’s strongest economies. With high quality of life, spectacular natural environment & climate and a land of great diversity, it is sought out to be a destination for international tourists. For adventurers, please note that Australia shares around 10% of the world’s biodiversity with a great species of animals and native plants which exists nowhere else on Earth. And for food lovers, Australia plates up a multicultural fusion of European techniques and fresh seafood available throughout the country. The Great Barrier Reef which stretches for more than 2000kms along the Queensland coastlines is full of dazzling corals and vivid sea creatures. Sydney opera is landmark of Australia and it can’t be missed anyhow. Just experience the great opera to feel the grandness of this building.

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Definitely a luxury but not at all expensive, Dubai has proved to be the next travel destination with world class amenities and luxury. It has a large range pf hotels catering to all markets, from the most basics to extravagantly luxurious. The landmark buildings such as Burj-al-arab and Burj khalifa cannot be simply called as buildings. Dubai also offers an extensive public transport network including Metro system. Jumeirah beach, Suqeim beach, Kite beach are just few of the beaches where you can have an all day long sunbath and enjoy your mock tails. Often described as a city of contrasts, Dubai offers a fabulous cosmopolitan lifestyle with an understated elegance. Although Dubai represents vast stretches of desert land, there are over 3,500 plants endemic to the country, as well as extensive fauna. The birdlife here is reasonably extensive too, but it’s the coastline, that is home to an impressive array of natural life, that really takes your breath away. A myriad of tropical fish, as well as a variety of sharks, dolphins and the dugong (sea cow) make up the awesome marine life, which draws divers and snorkelers from all over the world. If you love shopping, you have almost every big and small brand of the world nearby you. From Gucci to Armani, Lamborghini to Ferrari - just spell your budget.

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Where there is a beach, there is luxury and Singapore defines this term in a very unique manner. Some of the most beautiful buildings are located around the coastline which offers not only aesthetics but also a variety in luxury. Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer are just a few among a long list of recommended destinations. Singapore zoo is world renowned for its exotic and friendly animals where you can interact with them and even feed them. Children love this place. If you love this too then don’t miss the night Safari to experience a beautiful evening soiree with these extraordinary species that come alive at night. Singapore’s climate is classified as tropical rainforest climate and so the best time to visit is between months of Feb to April when it’s pleasant. For food lovers, Singapore offers a vast cuisine in Meat & Seafood. The never ending food outlets and their aromatic smell will leave you with a question mark on what to eat and what not. For Shoppers, this city gives you Orchard Road, Chinatown street market, Vivocity, Haji Lane etc. where you can shop till you drop. From souvenirs to textiles and leathers to fancy gadgets & gizmos, you will find a large variety of products which will catch your eye balls. And don’t forget the Merlion!

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China, once hidden from the outside world as a tourist destination is now one of the most visited in top 10 countries list. The Rail transportation connectivity for public is simply fantastic with perfect precision timings though roads can get a bit struck. There are a number of scenic spots that you should not miss including a lot many ancient palace architectural complex, imperial gardens, temples, alters, mausoleum of emperors & royal families, museums, buildings, mountain ranges, beaches etc. China also represents modern style architectural buildings such as CCTV headquarters, Shanghai towers, Guangzhou circle etc. Average temperature in china is around 15 - 25 degree Celsius and during winters, it can even go down to -5 degrees so better not to plan your trip in peak winters if you can’t resist cold. May to October is most pleasant for a visit. Must visit places are Great wall of China, Shi Cha lake, The Palace Museum, The Temple of Heaven and Beihei Park. For vegetarians as you might think it will not be a pleasure trip, you are wrong. China grows a lot many varieties of vegetables, fruits and crops and they love veg as much as we do. Of course for the other half, a wide range of seafood, Pork, Lamb, Duck etc. offers a vast variety of exotic cuisines. Chinese are very fond of eating specially the street food and if you are a foody, you would love to be entertained.

So stop thinking of budget and start packing your bags as we give you these world class luxury destinations within a budget. All of these destinations can be covered in between Rs.65, 000 to Rs.1, 50,000 which is meagre if compared to term luxury. Of course you need to decide your budget and plan activities accordingly but in the end it’s never the number of places covered but the amount of experiences gained through curiosity & exploration.

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