5 Ways to be a Tourist in your Hometown

Travelling to new cities and famous holiday destination is always fun. But most often we are caught up in our busy schedules and want to spend the weekends just lazing around at home. So when a friend from a different city is here to visit, you might regret not knowing your city well and the popular places to eat and hang around with. So it’s important we know our place of residing well so that it improves your knowledge of what’s happening around and to serve our guests better. This also is a great way of treating yourself with a budget holiday. Isn’t it? Just imagine how much you’re going to save on those flights and hotels. Also the hassle of going through the booking process, planning with your family and packing! Today in this article, I shall discuss with you about new ways how you can become a tourist in your hometown.

1. Hire a Tourist Guide

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There are more chances that you might live your entire life in a place and never see it the way visitors do. So take a guided tour from the local tourist information centre which gives you brief idea about your place. Generally the tourist centers have information that will make your place very remarkable and special. Also taking group tours will help your learn about the history besides you make new friends with similar travel interests. Excursions, bike trips, motor rides or a tourist bus are some of the modes of transport that the tours will offer you which is definitely a different way of commuting rather than the same roads you travel to your work place daily. Most cities also offer food tours; you will be sure surprised by the various delicacies available in your city. Also the guided tours give you the list of good places to shop from, perfect way to pick a souvenir from the local store you regularly shop. Just try Googling and you will be surprised by the kinds of random tours that sound too cool to be exploring your own city. Don’t forget to collect the brochures from the places you visited, they come in handy the next time you have to become a guide yourself.

2. Call a Friend to Show you around

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Catch up with your friends like your new in town and allow them to make plans to visit their favorite places in the city. You might get to explore the new places in town. A friend of yours might have different tastes of exploring about the culture, or a new restaurant. Also if it’s their favorite place in the city they know the hidden secrets of it much better than you do. Give them the liberty. Also this helps you to bond well with your friends and in the process you get closer. Suddenly the old museums don’t seem to be boring when you learn about the history of that place when you’re with your friend or trying the new cuisine at a local restaurant. Also think about how much knowledge this will add up to your experience of your hometown. So next weekend your bored, you know what to do!

3. Embrace yourself in History

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Based on the size of your town or city, there might be a museum or an old library that illustrates an exciting part of your hometown’s history. Checking out some of the old monuments and its facts will add up to the fun weekend. You might be living in your city for long and know all the important landmarks and buildings, but do you know what gave it the name. So it’s worthwhile now to dig a little deeper and understand your hometown better. Also the roadside markers will have interesting historical facts, take a pit stop and read about them to discover some fun facts. Also if you live in a major city, they will definitely have some iconic buildings that explain why and how they became a major hub. Take a note during the guided tour; some unknown facts might come in handy next time you want to travel.

4. Carry a Camera before heading out on a Local Adventure


Do you ever go out on a holiday without your camera? Then why head out without one on your local tour. Taking needless photos of everything you see around is what a vacation is all about. Remember you’re a tourist here. Charge your battery, empty your SD card and get clicking! Take all the cheesy shots you want. No one is judging you. This also changes your perspective of seeing the same old places differently. With your DSLR every picture becomes a focus of a new story. This is also a great way to start writing about your hometown. Many of them travel to get inspired and write. This could be an inspiration at a low budget to just head out to the same places with your camera and take interesting pictures while most of the minor details are explained on a guided tour. It’s time to get clicking!

5. Treat yourself to Tourist popular cuisines


Most often when we decide to eat out; we tend to pick the close by restaurant as it’s easier and somehow you know what tastes good here. But on a vacation we first want to eat in the places that are most popular in a city for their famous delicacies. Of course they are popular for a reason and that’s why it’s on the top list of tourist choice. Why don’t you plan a family gathering at a famous restaurant and try what it is famous for. This might become your weekly favorite pick to dine out. Also you will meet new kind of tourists here and that’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. Don’t order the regular stuff you generally eat. Ask for the chef’s special and explore new cuisines and give those taste buds a little twist in the flavors. Try a new restaurant every once a month and you’ll be surprised by the long list of must eat places in your hometown.

Well, traveling is sometimes more about the journey than it is about the destination, which means you don’t always have to travel long distances to find your next adventure or to explore yourself. In fact, you might discover your very own backyard is filled with hidden gems you’re yet to discover, no matter how long you’ve lived there. So why don’t you act like a tourist, get going & try our new ways to explore and visit your own city?

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