50 Tips to help you live your Travel Dream

We all have lust, lust for travel. Some may plan it well on time or even before hand, which is actually the right thing to do. But for most, it is when time comes or when we feel like taking a break. But then either we are short on cash, or there are no flights or hotels are not available and there can be a big list of issues during the end. Well, to avoid your last minute headaches, here are some travel tips to become an organized planner:

1.Start Socializing

Become a good communicator and people will start loving you. When you start socializing with strangers, it not only gives you additional benefits like getting some good discounts and breaking language barriers. It helps you discover more places.

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2.Make Bookings in Advance

If you book a hotel or buy a package much in advance, then you can escape from those raised prices caused during holiday seasons and also avoid full-occupancy, it’s a good idea.

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3.Subscribe to Newsletters

If you are fond of travelling and always keep looking for good deals then subscribing to a newsletter will not only keep you updated, but may also give you great deals and offers.


Before you make a move, compare rates and prices of Hotels, Restaurants, transportation means & time etc. to get the best of everything in a smart manner. A little research beforehand can save you a lot of money and time while travelling.

5. Learn to Negotiate

Before or while travelling, negotiate on everything possible. Even if you checkout to a 5 star Hotel, don’t hesitate to ask for discounts and offers as most of the Indian hotels will give you discounts no matter what tariff card says. In a person or on a call, negotiate always.

6.Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is a great idea if you want to travel to a destination which has language barriers. To learn basics about or any language like Numbers, Introduction, Asking basic questions like routes and direction. Also, it gives you an additional advantage that you won’t get cheated in many ways.

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7.Read Travel Blogs Regularly

Reading travel diaries and blogs will keep you updated on things to do, problems faced to avoid etc. and it will also enhance your knowledge of different destinations & perceptions.

8.Cut your Habits by Half

Most of us have some totally useless habits like chewing gums or drink too much of coke or even watch a movie at Cineplex every second week. These may be unhealthy on one hand and also consuming money. If you cut it, let say just by 50%, you are actually saving the other 50%.

9. Track your Expenses

A very essential habit is to track your expenses by using online apps or by simply noting those down on your notepad, and having a glance on weekends will help you keep tabs on unnecessary costs.

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10.Avoid Fine Dining

Yes, we understand that it feels good when someone makes you feel special but if you are paying a huge sum for that then probably you may want to get down, and find some cheap yet quality restaurants to save some extra bucks.

11.Be Smart, Use Coupons

Some may think it’s cheap, but if you look at the big picture, using coupons and vouchers available on many websites can help save you around 10-15% in each category such as food, hotels etc.

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12. Unplug Everything

Why is your laptop always ON when you hardly use it? Unplug all the appliances that are not in use. This way you will save at least 20% on your next electricity bill.

13. Redesign your Subscription Plans

You don’t need a 20GB pack on your phone when you only use Whatsapp and Facebook. Similarly, if you don’t watch 500 channels, then only pay for the ones you watch.

14. Reduce/Avoid Nightlife

Why do you need to go to expensive Bars & Pubs when you can hang around with your friends at their terrace garden or a nearby lake? Every time you drop an idea of going out, use that money for a ticket on your next travel.

15. Find Freelance Work

Doesn’t matter what your professional field is, you may always get much work to earn a few extra bucks.

16. Use Public Transport

Using public transport not only saves you fuel cost, but also gives you a lot of time which you may want to use your additional benefits or just some entertainment.

17. Move to a cheaper Apartment

Why do you need to live in a 3BHK and pay all those electricity bills and maintenance when you only visit your apartment for a 10 hour nap? Move to a smaller apartment to save a good fraction of your earnings.

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18. Stop Collecting, Start Selling

Do you ever realize that there is a desktop lying in your store that has not being used in years? Plan a Yard sale or simply put it on OLX and sell all your unwanted items to earn a good sum of money.

19. Save your Raise

Next time you get a raise, just forget that you got any and live within the budget you were living in. This will not only save that 10% of the raise you got, but will convert to 120% in the end, sufficient enough for your next big travel.

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20. Carpooling

If you can’t use public conveyances then Carpool, it is a great way of travelling with joy and good conversation which helps you develop a good bonding.

21. Control your Shopping

Every month after you get a salary credit message, you may have a habit of going out shopping but if you simply make it once every three months, you can save a lot enough for a night stay.

22. Jot down Expenses

Make a Checklist of things you require in advance, and stick to it when you go shopping. If we do the opposite, then probably we end up buying many things which are just not necessary.

23. Start a PIGGY Bank

Sounds childish but once you start; you may realize the potential it possesses. Start a piggy bank or just make it out of a cardboard. Ensure to put it somewhere visible to you regularly. Even if you put Rs.10 a day or randomly Rs.50/100 notes, you can expect no less than Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 on your sudden vacation break.

24. Start an Investment

Mutual funds or SIP or even RD’s, start investmenting, it can lead to a good profit and source of solid savings. You can start an investment from as low as Rs.500 a month and the best part is whenever you need money, you can discontinue.

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25. Decide your Priorities

Do you really need an iPhone from your next salary, or would you prefer another relaxed Goa trip? Deciding on your priorities will help you save big time in planning in advance and getting organized.

26. D.I.Y. - Do it Yourself

From making presents to your personal needs, you can become a master by doing it yourself, by watching a million ways to create stuffs available over the internet.

27. Drink more Water

What? Yes, you heard it right! Drink more and more water. It will not only keep you hydrated and healthy but eventually reduce all the cravings you develop during the day.

28. Avoid Fast Foods

Drinking more water may cut down on your cravings, but when you feel like grabbing a bite, stick to healthy foods such as sandwiches, fruits and salads instead or going for fried chicken and cheesy burgers. As per a survey, we spend a fortune on junk if we are addicted to Fast Foods.


Do you even realize how much money you spend on Smoking? If you just smoke 3-5 cigarettes a day, you spend around Rs.17000 to Rs.27000 annually. Can’t that money be used for making a round trip on tickets?

30. Start using CASH

The next time you go shopping or even buying some snacks, pay in cash. When we pay in Cash, we intend to save some notes but while using the card; it’s the other way around. We may even pick a few chocolates at the cash counter.

31. Stop Flashing Brands

Looking good is admirable but getting addicted to brands is a fool's tale, especially when bought it on a credit card. From funky dresses to fancy gadgets, a cheaper yet efficient version for everything is available in the market.

32. Want or Need

Make a habit of asking yourself a couple of times before you make a buy, do you really need it and what else can you do with that money, if not invested here. There is a big difference in what we want and what we need.

33. A 30 Days Later Rule

If you are planning to buy a recently launched gizmo or gadget, buy it a month later. This will not only give other buyers time to give their feedback, but will also give you time to think again.

34. Start Planning your Trip

If you are sure of your destination, you should start your bookings in advance and during off seasons, since the rates will be down for travel tickets and accommodation. If you have good experience, you know the benefits of planning in advance.

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35. Buy a Travel Package

Travelling in a package is really worth, especially if you are traveling to international destinations. This will be a good advantage if there is a language barrier. You don’t need to pay additional costs for transportation and guides. There are options of customizing a package, so pay for only what you wish to do and places you want to visit.

36. An Apple a Day…..

To keep diseases away which may be responsible for the cancellation of your travel plans at the last moment, it is advised to EAT HEALTHY. Always eat healthy and drink clean and plenty of water.

37. Workout @ Home

Try cutting on an expensive Gym membership, and make your own work out plans at home. Start doing some cardio like jogging, push ups etc. and stay healthy and save to travel.

38. Learn to Cook

If you are living away from family and are reliable for food than it’s time that you should start cooking for yourself. You don’t know the recipe, just google it. There are a hundred easy ways along with visuals available over the internet, so no more excuses. Enhance your skills, and save. You might also get lucky enough to get a serviced apartment on your travel where you can apply your cooking skills and save a lot for activities and adventure.

39. Buy in Bulk

When shopping groceries, always shop in bulk. This will actually give you wholesale rate products, and give you savings of more than 10-20% or even more.

40. Avoid Weekly Salon

Why do you need a weekly massage and facials unless you are a celebrity? Minimize your salon expenses by visiting once a month unless really required.

41. Unfollow Advertisements

Advertisements play a big role in transforming our mindsets. Even if we don’t need a particular item, we may be convinced that it’s a necessity. It’s time that you simply ignore all the ads on TV or sidebar of your laptop screen.

42. Become a Couch Surfer

Couch surfing is good to get free accommodation while travelling. If you have space to host guests, then become one and get opportunity to host travellers and get wonderful ratings from them. This will give you the benefit, when you are travelling and need accommodation.

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43. Split & Share

Either traveling in Groups or Solo, try to do activities in sharing. While commuting, adventurous activities or even dining, the more you split the more you save.

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44. Be Disciplined

In the end when you are ready to ride, you don’t want any issues that would worry you. To achieve this, you need to be disciplined towards your ways towards prioritizing & tackling things.

45. Surround yourself with Smarter People

Doing so will not only make you smarter and curious, but will also add a lot of data to your knowledge database. Getting access to experienced information and right guidance will obviously help you live a dream in the right manner.

46. Learn to Say No

Quiet irrelevant to this topic? Well, it’s quite a must for some who feel difficult to say No. Be it wrong doing socially, or extended long hours professionally, learn to say No, if you don’t wish to be exploited. At last, it will definitely not ruin your travel plans just because your Boss ordered you a last minute favour.

47. Life Lessons Learnt

Of all the trips and travels you have experienced previously, jot down all the negatives and bad experiences you had, so you can plan your next one well prepared.

48. De-Stress Mantra

Stress is a part of daily lives in today’s rat-race and something that can’t be avoided. But obviously it can be reduced with help of Yoga sessions, meditation and other similar activities.

49. Being Positive

The most important part in anyone’s life is to be positive at all times. If you are being positive and full of good vibes, you will always get success in whatever task you perform.

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50. Respect their Traditions

If you wish to travel to your dream destinations and conquer the worldly limits then you should be respecting the traditional beliefs and religions of the places you visit. Disrespecting or ignoring can not only mark you offensive, but may even put you in trouble.

I hope these few tips will help you plan your next big travel in a much better way and to live your dreams. Plan right, Travel right! And above all, it’s a vacation, don’t forget to have fun!

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