7 Questions All Long Term Travellers Hate

As Ray Bradbury said: “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” The world is wide & big and boundaries of the countries do not stop us from exploring nature. Most of the time travelers do not have a set itinerary of their next destination. Some of them travel to seek freedom from their real life, some of them seek to learn and experience from diverse backgrounds. Long-term travelers want to leave the “real world” behind to embark on a journey to understand the meaning of life. They aspire to go to new places, meet new people, expand their knowledge beyond self-conscious beliefs. Some travelers roam around the world to feed the adventurous side of physical capacity while few others want to challenge their mental potential.

More often travelers like to share their stories about what they learned through their voyages and answer our inquisitive questions. But, there are few questions that are irking and travelers are jaded about answering such questions.

So, let’s find out which are these 7 questions that All Long Term Travelers Hate to answer :

#1 Don’t you have a REAL JOB?

This is one of the most obnoxious questions to ask any person in the world. There shouldn’t be a stereotype on which job is a real job. Every individual has different values that are pertaining to their lifestyle. It is only quotidian for long-term travelers to move away from a conventional “9 to 5” jobs. Long-term travelers are full-time bloggers or photographers who spend their lifetime enriching their life with these. There are also people who live feed their envy on looking at the lifestyle of these long-term travelers because they can’t get off from their lives and responsibilities.

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#2 How do you AFFORD to travel so much and NOT save money?

Traveling is solely not concerned with MONEY. Most of the travelers are willing to talk about this subject on an overall perspective in terms of travel, and not terms of the sum of money they earn for a living. This kind of questions cannot be entertained if intended to ask in a condescending tone. Everybody has a different take on how to maintain their finances depending on their situations. Some people depend on their savings to travel the world while others depend on borrowing some money to travel the world. Some like to spend their money on health concerns - gym, high caloric nutrients, etc, others spend their money on partying, drinking, buying independent houses, gadgets, cars, motorcycles, going in for body treatments, and the list goes on. Apart from these people, there are a couple of them who focus on investing their money into traveling. Even for travelers, it takes sweat, will, and determination to make things work out for them. So it is very unpleasant to make question-related to money when you are conversing with long-term travelers.

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#3 Why do you TRAVEL?

Why are you traveling? What is your purpose of travel? These questions are asked in the same sequence and are universal. But the answers you get will differ from one person to another. How will you feel when you are asked - “what is the purpose of your life?” This question can leave you perplexed, and you can find it difficult to answer this question and also your personal answer will not necessarily be personal to others. Generally, the answers that you will get are to find meaning to your life, to meet new people, learn different cultures, explore the length and breadth of nature, and get attuned to your higher self-conscious.

It is the experience that drives one to continue to believe in whatever they are doing. So you need to ask about their experiences rather than asking them the purpose of travel.

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#4 When are you going to SETTLE DOWN?

This is the kind of a question that most of us would run away from answering. Generally, travelers are people who don’t acquaint with stability in life, they take life as it comes. When a traveler lets his mind wander about answering this question, he remains confined in a box. A traveler wants and needs the feeling of letting go of himself and being able to discover what his journeys can teach about life.

From many of our experiences, we can generally say that traveling will change you as a person, will make you look at the world with a broad mind, and will help you master the mental and emotional state of mind. We all like to spend your lives with the people we love, whether it is about settling down with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with your long-term friend, a traveler would preferably choose a person who they can travel along with them. At any point in time, a traveler can choose to settle down but will never let this part of life affect their traveling cycle.

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#5 Don’t you miss your family and friends?

Of course, travelers are just like any other of us. They are social beings who have family and friends. Just like many of us who have drive and passion achieving our ambitions, travelers want to travel and not stick to anything else that makes them restless. As it becomes our first priority to achieve our dreams, traveling becomes their top priority.

It is a cruel question to ask, as it makes them feel uneasy because they have left behind everything just to fulfill their dreams. It is great opportunity to have a great support system back at home which allows us to explore the world.

#6 Doesn’t traveling make you feel lonely?

Nothing is permanent in this world. Travelers know that they have to embrace traveling alone at times and get used to maybe not having many people around. Traveling alone has its own benefits, it helps you to understand yourself better and accept yourself for what you are and make peace with the difference.

If one is always in his comfort zone, he as a person will not grow. His view of the world is restricted to his experience and he will miss out on wonderful things that nature has to offer. However, it isn’t bad to be in that mental space for some period of time. Before getting to make traveling a routine, they are acquainted with impermanence in their journeys and they know it is just a phase. But, they make a lot of friends from different places, even if they undertake traveling alone.

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#7 Which is your favorite or ultimate destination?

As you can understand a traveler will not have a fixed plan, and they are always on the go. Their favorite or ultimate destination will always be the next journey that they go on. Destinations for travelers are not about just arriving and striking off the places from there to-do lists. This is about the journey and about the destination.

So when you ask a traveler this question, they will surely go blank or mute about answering this question, because there isn’t a full stop on their list. They are always on the go and you better ask them the right questions if you want to converse with them.

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There are moments in their life that will be scary and there will other moments that will give them utter freedom in equal parts. But, the latter will set them free and spirited, and will spread happiness. So, ask them relevant questions and especially ask them about their experiences, which will let you understand them in a better light.

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