9 Expert Tips to Save Money while on Vacation

Travelling can be a bit expensive but there are ways to save when it comes to making smarter decisions, planning efficiently and monitoring your expenses. Saving that way is not destination oriented, but ways and methods that may lead you to do an enormous savings without compromising on quality and comfort. So here are some cool tips from experts, which shall help you in saving some extra money while you are still on your vacation.


Really! Do you really need a souvenir in today’s world of technology when a single check-in with a picture will inform the world that you are travelling? Believe it or not, it’s old school now. Instead, take tons of memories in the form of pictures as we all have smartphones. Even DSLR’s are not required anymore so that even saves your excess baggage in a way. Even if you want to get something for your living room, get it to a minimum. As tourism is a major mode of incoming currency in most of the beautiful countries and cities, they make sure that you spend maximum, and hence, most of the souvenirs are highly priced.


If you are travelling with Kids, it’s a must we would say. Children don’t see things the way we do and sometimes they just get restless no matter what place you are at, a beach, on top of a mountain or even at a restaurant. When such situations arise, and children demand activities to indulge in, it’s a good idea to give them your tablet and let them play their favourite games. It’s important that being on a holiday, everyone should enjoy the way they wish and kids love to do adventurous activities, and that definitely costs money. Though it is important to teach them the real meaning of enjoyment and fun, it’s also necessary that they should realize the right way to manage expenses. Give them pretty examples such as how money being saved at video games parlour can let them enjoy these amazing rides on the roller coaster. Saving and educating simultaneously can be fun.

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Yes they are. If someone says they are cheap, that means he is not smart enough to take advantages of those resources that could help him save as much as 30% of his entire budget. Coupons are actually cool, and if used properly, they can give you huge benefits. As in for booking hotels, flights and even tour packages. Planning day to day basis has its own benefits like an online search for miscellaneous deals on stays, food & beverages and activities. There are hundreds of websites which provide deals and coupons like Groupon, Grabon, Coupons.com etc. where you can avail from low as 5% to as high as 50% discounts on booking Hotels & Flights.

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Staying away from work is awesome but staying away from home can be sad sometimes, even on holidays. So what do we do? We start calling our friends and family onshore and neglect these small call charges, those are actually leading to a significant amount overall. Ideally, we should be making calls to a minimum and tend more towards enjoying our stay, but if your way of enjoyment consists of sitting at a beach, sipping on your cocktail and having a pleasant conversation with your loved ones while witnessing a sunset, even when you have ways to save. Now a days, almost all mobile service providers give free international data roaming and even if they don’t, you always have an option of free Wi-Fi. Use apps such as Whatsapp, Viber and Skype to video chat and save all those useless audio minutes those can finance your dinner date and champagne.

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Want to save really BIG? Well, try sharing. If you are travelling solo or with friends then this might be a great idea to save enormous hotel tariffs. At almost all tourist destinations, they have Hostels and Dormitories which can be used for an economical yet comfort stay with facilities such as Swimming pool, Bar, Snooker, Restaurant etc. As competition between tourists hotels is on the verge, they are compelled to provide more and more benefits and facilities yet prices are cutting down. And because these Hostels and Guest houses are also part of the race, they intend to provide maximum facilities within a minimum budget. If you are really getting a good deal after your one night spent at a 5 star, why not switch over and save thousands which can be utilized elsewhere. Always search for a good deal in this way and would be better if you practically visit before you pay.

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Might sound strange, isn’t it? Shopping for what? Well if you are on a regular hunt in search and exploration of new destinations, then we suggest you fill in your bags with necessary stuff such as packed foods, toiletries, and some cans of soft drinks, or beer, or whatever suits your taste. You may have experienced this many times, that you regret not bringing anything with you to eat or drink once you reach the top of the mountain or after walking for a bit. Now the only option left with you seems that Gourmet restaurant with mouth-watering dishes at handsome prices. At tourist destinations, prices of eatables and other basic amenities are generally higher than normal so it’s always preferred to carry something along, which can boost your energy and Susshh your cravings while traveling. Else you might to calm down your hungers inner demon, pay whatever he demands.

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Remember watching shows on TV where they keep yelling about amazing and tasty street foods of Thailand. It’s not only good in there but almost in every city of the world, you might find good outlets with tasty foods under hygienic circumstances, though it is highly advisable to be alert before consuming any such thing, as food poisoning can totally spoil your mood and derail your plans. Street foods such as local delicacies and instant food are always a good option, as the ingredients will be fresh but when it comes to meat and seafood, never trust any vendor outside because you may never come to know about age and freshness of the meat inside your chicken roll.

The cost of food shares a significant value after accommodation and travel expenses, and cutting down at some level on a daily basis can lead you to save almost 50% of your dedicated money towards food and beverage.

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Public transport, Renting a Car or Hitchhiking are some of the many ways to cut down on your travel expenses as said before – Travel, Accommodation & Food are the major stakeholders of a trip. Taking a cheap mode of transportation such as train or bus is always a better and safe choice, as it not only provides you quality time to enjoy the nature but also takes away all your worries towards reaching your destination such as directions and next fuel station. Hiring a Cab can be extremely expensive unless you are sharing, but at the same time you may be unaware of the challenges and problems that might arouse on way. But in case of using public transportation, you can leave all your worries behind.

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Prioritize and Splurge on what matters the most, and simply skimp the rest like you may want to go on a hiking followed by late night rounds of cocktails and music. But it also seems you have places to visit, in your prepared checklists like an old fort, an ancient church and a museum. Now it’s on you to decide which matters the most, and how you propose to manage your time. When I first visited the Himalayan range, I also made a huge checklist of Monasteries and villages I wanted to visit, but as soon as I got there, I was totally lost in the scenic beauty that held me tightly and didn’t let me go at all. Finally, I visited just a couple of monasteries and a village on my way back, but it made so many beautiful memories for life. Remember a great saying … LESS IS MORE.

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Hope you will not only live your vacation to the fullest, but also do a lot more saving while still having fun. After all, it’s your hard earned money and you deserve to get the best out of it. Enjoy your Stay… Save Big!

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