Best Travel Trends 2018 according to Pinterest

The joy in leaving everything behind and just signing off to a new place at least for a couple of days seems very relieving. All of us crave for those few days of holiday, fun, adventure, millions of pictures and happy faces. And most importantly we want to do something new something that creates memories forever. With an added advantage of technology, exploring the places right from your phone is a benefit. And without a doubt we have Pinterest, every person’s dream bible. With more than 4 billion ideas to explore from just the travel category, pinterest is sure one of the best ways to plan your next vacation. According to 2018 search engine, a few categories have definitely made their way to the trending list.

1. Some journeys can only be travelled alone

The new trend of travelling solo is no wonder on the top of the trending list. For those who have already explored being on their own, without a doubt remains to be the best experience. For those who are wondering if that’s really worth and have innumerable questions like what if I get bored? Seriously! You cannot get bored of yourself. With an attitude of utilizing long weekends and waiting to explore solo, the number of pins saved has been hiked by 593% so far this year making it to the top. Leaving behind the need to wait for your family & friends to be prepared to travel, many are also discovering small town destination (+94%) and untravelled spots (+83%). Choosing to travel to off beat paths adds a new thrill to your journey.

Much lately, people plan their layover a little longer so the time is utilized to cover multiple places. Interest in learning more about the locals, people are more inclined towards home stays & eco hotels (+125%) which gives an advantage of treating a vacation destination like home. Now you have another reason why you should travel solo next time.

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2. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

Have you ever watched how surfers just glide through the waves? Well, adventure isn’t just about the adrenaline, people want to learn new things, explore everything unexpected, to new hobbies in every city they visit. By attracting a large tourist crowd, Bali is trending for its surfing experience(+260%).

If you are someone who always dreamt of surfing,it’s time to grab your board with confidence and head to Bali for your next vacation. While other wellness trends like yoga retreats, forest bathing and bike tours have increased interests with a hike of 142%. For your next vacation, check your bucket list and find out what is next ! And choose the destination accordingly. find out what adventure suits you the best and try them out.

3. Life’s too short to drink bad wine

Travelling to the coastal locations and not tasting wine is an incomplete vacation. The fantasy of tasting different types of wine and taking a tour to the vineyard has created a whole new culture by itself. Keeping it classy especially couples are opting for wine tours for the fun of experiencing it which has led to the increase in sales by 120% this year. Many places in the US especially California & East Coast have vineyards which are great for a weekend getaway. Staying in the vineyards, witnessing the whole process of wine making could be the new thing you try out this year.

4. You have to taste a culture to understand it

People who love to eat are always the best people. With travel, tasting different becomes a whole other adventure by itself. The kind of ingredients and the way it’s used takes the dish to a new level. Instead of looking for a place to dine, travelers are now looking for places to learn the art of culinary while on vacation.

Photography on the other hand has never stopped trending but it’s astonishing to see the increasing interest in food photography workshops by a whopping 207%. Of course the culinary demands are always high in any location for it’s the basic need and that which describes a complete vacation.

Apart from these, art tours are also gaining popularity by 84% which helps to understand a place much better in terms of history, art, architecture & culture. With the popularity of the TV series, filming locations are also finding its way into the travel destinations especially the popular one Game of Thrones by 194%. When it comes to travel industry, the modes of transport within a city defines its infrastructure. According to Pinterest there is a rise in train travel by 136% which is an easier way to explore the countryside and enjoy the small stops. For exploring the coastlines and sea life, it’s high time to choose a river cruise for your vacation as it’s also one of the trending activities with a rise by 136%.

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With Pinterest making our lives easier by helping us plan in a much more organized and simpler way, there is no need to panic while travelling to a completely new destination. We’ve gathered all the information on what is trending this year that helps you decide what you would like to explore. Be it a solo tour to secret spots or a weekend getaway with your loved one tasting some incredible wines. Or rather make a list and plan one every month (if your boss grants you leaves!) so everything on the list is checked right!

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