Common Mistakes Tourists Make While Travelling

With the excitement of travelling, we often tend to goof up on a few things that we don’t even realise. The worst part is that these are the most basic things that we need to take into account while planning our travel or even while we are travelling, but we end up messing up (without even realizing that we are messing up, Bummer isn’t it?). Want to know what those common mistake we as tourists make while travelling? All you need to do is read on and you will know if you have ever made these mistakes, and also to the ‘not so common travellers’, you will know the things you need to keep in mind while you travel. So let’s get started, you guys!

Transit Goof-Up (Short time, Different Airport and Time Zone)

While booking your flight, if you are booking separate connecting flights then always remember that there are many cities in the world which have more than just one airport. So while booking your tickets, check the airport carefully and then proceed. Oh hold on, that is not just it. Even if it is the same airport and you need to change your flights and check your luggage in again, in that case, make sure the duration between both the flights is not too short. Also, never forget that there could just be a possibility that the destination you are travelling to is in a different time zone than yours. So calculate that as well while you make your bookings.

Forgetting Important Travel Documents

Always make a check-list of the important travel documents beforehand. If your travel involves Visa on arrival then make sure you have all the documents and photographs ready as per the requirement of the country that you are visiting. Despite receiving all the requirements from your travel agent, you should cross check the same on the country website on visa requirement. Also, do not forget to carry your driving license because you might just require this if you want to hire a vehicle to drive in the city you are travelling too. Before you start packing, keep the checklist handy and pack accordingly so that you do not miss on any important document. Also, a little something that I would like to add is that, keep all these travel documents in one place and keep it handy and NEVER keep them in your check-in luggage.

Exchanging Too Much Currency

Converting currency in your own city obviously is the right thing to do because you might just get the best rates on the currency exchange from your travel agent, or your regular FOREX guys. But never convert excess currency because you somewhere know you aren’t going to use up the excess amount. If at all you are converting some extra currency because of ‘just in case I might need it’, then you need to stop that right away because in emergency you always can go to the nearest FOREX centre in the city you are travelling to. Trust me, there are many of them which are available in any city you travel to.

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Luggage Overload

This is a major mistake that most of us do – Packing more than what’s required. Travel only the necessities because you sure are going to shop from the destination that you travel to. Most of us tend to carry one check-in baggage, a carry-on baggage, and also a laptop bag. If you were to ask me, I would suggest you pack everything in a carry-on, rather than carrying bags and bags for your travel. Wondering how is it even possible to pack your life in a carry-on? Click on this link to know all about it. So next time when you start packing, do not dump your whole wardrobe in your bag. Always travel light.

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All Currency in One Place

Another common mistake that all of us do is that we tend to keep all the currency in one place. Imagine you are in this foreign land on a solo trip and all your currency and cards are in your wallet and Baaaaaam! You lose your wallet. Don’t you think you will be strangled in a new stranger city or maybe a new country altogether? You should always make sure that you split your currencies and keep it in different places because that way even if you lose one bag, you know you have it in the other one. Be smart.

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Lack of Research

Before you actually set out on this travel of yours, do good research about the place and know what the place is famous for, their culture and most importantly the dos and don’ts of the place, because a lot of places in the world would have their rules. So it is better to know about it beforehand. Also, be well read about the place to enjoy the place better.

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Unrealistic Itinerary

You aren’t Barry Allen (Those who are a follower of Flash series will relate to this and those who are not, well he is a superhero who is the fastest man alive (in the series, of course)) to finish the unrealistic itinerary. Always make sure the itinerary is such that you can actually cover up everything that is there on it. At the same time, I would suggest you be a little flexible with your itinerary so that you can stay at a place longer if you wish to instead of rushing up, just because you HAVE TO finish your itinerary. A small tip here as well, try having a breather in your itinerary so that you can actually relax or even add something later on if anything interests you.

Blog Posts > Guidebooks

I’m not saying that Guidebooks are a thing of the past. Guidebooks sure are awesome, but they are very normal and clichéd things like ‘Must Visit Places’, ‘Must Visit Restaurants’, and so on. But what they miss to add in their guidebooks is the reality. The guidebooks always portray the best of destination because that’s why they are the ‘Guidebooks’. It is never going to show you the real picture of the destination. At the same time, blog posts are more personalized and they have all the details (even the minute ones) that you need. Also, blog posts are interactive, unlike guidebooks. You can always ask the blogger about any question that you have in your mind and Voila! Your questions will be answered in a flash.

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Not Exploring the Unexplored

Visiting the city for the first time? Yes, do all the touristy things possible. But, but, but! Don’t you ever think of stopping just with that, you need to explore the unexplored parts of the city or rather the places that aren’t really mentioned in those guidebooks or must visit places. Explore the unexplored might sometimes take you to a path to a beautiful destination that you would have never ever found had you just followed the clichéd list that every traveller follows. So break free and dare to go on the unusual route, you never know what might come your way and you might just be forever grateful for taking the extra mile to break free from your touristy travel plans.

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Not Asking for Favour

Lost on the road, and can’t find your way? Ask a local. But don’t just stop there and follow that one local blindly. Ask another person to just confirm if you are on the right track. Don’t know where to go have a meal? Ask a fellow tourist or a local or even online portal (so many to even start naming). Want to know where to shop from, or know the unexplored part of the city, or something else. Whatever query you ever have in your mind regarding the place, just ask a local and you will be in a better place. So now you know the things that you need to avoid while planning your travel and even while you are travelling.

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