How to Avoid Tourist Traps While Travelling

When we plan to travel after leaving that hectic corporate schedule we have a lot of expectations, excitement and checklists to be crossed but there are times we all must have faced relating to the traps we fall upon. Be it the unwanted guides or undeserving expenditures, if you are not fully aware you might get trapped into these tourist traps & scams and if you wish to avoid, use our expertise tips on types of traps across the globe and how you can avoid the unforgettable dart.

1. Taxi-Meter is broken Sir

A very common and popular trap faced by tourists all around the world. Here a Cab or Auto driver will tell you that the meter is broken though he will act really friendly and helpful convincing you that he is a man of honor and will not charge you a single dime extra. So you get in his Cab and start traveling. The entire journey will be entertaining and pleasant while you are engaged in conversation with this good driver. But as soon as you arrive at your destination, your cab will halt at a Cab stand and just when you expect a few hundred you get to know that the amount is in thousand, almost ten times. And situation gets worse when your favorite driver suddenly becomes your enemy and starts raising his voice and threatens to keep the meter running though it never worked initially.

How to avoid: Never get into any Cab which says the meter is not working or the amount will be negligible. Also never let any cab driver take away your luggage and puts it in trunk as some of them will expert in convincing and later the same cycle repeats.

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2. The Fake Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed but an occasional friend in need can prove dangerous especially while traveling. It begins after a friendly local starts a conversation and will invite you to have a drink with him so as he can know more about your ways & culture and so you will walk with him to a nice bar. Though you will be in belief that he is conducting this session but reality will be a bit different. After several shots of expensive whisky (though in reality it’s the cheapest one) you will be handed over a bill of several thousand in figures and some bouncers staring at you. Now the drama starts when you actually realize that something is wrong. Even if you ask to split the bill, it won’t happen. This short-term best friend will now show his true colors when he will become aggressive and insist you to pay. Also there have been times when this friend of yours simply disappears and you have no options left.

How to avoid: If someone approaches you in a friendly manner, do entertain him but if someone asks you to join over a drink unless he himself is a tourist, don’t ever go as you may end up with a big hole in pocket.

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3. Sorry ! This Place is Closed

Quite usual at historical places where a guide will approach and say “Sorry Madame, this place is closed today for xyz reasons but there is a very beautiful place similar to this one nearby and trust me, you won’t be disappointed”. Trust us, you definitely will be. They are expert charmers and will befriend your trust in no time and the only reason for them to do so is because they are not licensed guides and thus they can’t pretend to be one, especially in a government regulated monument. So the best way is to catch the prey much before the main entrance and divert their route so they can become your tour guide for places of less significance though they will charge you full and even expect a tip.

How to avoid: Traveling in group will save you from this kind of trap but more important is to stay alert and smart. Always demand to see their identity card and once satisfied, proceed further.

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4. Tickets ! Tickets ! Tickets . . .

This is a very common trap where not only tourists but also locals sometimes fall in. In here some touts continuously keep whispering tickets; tickets outside of a bus/train stand or ticket counter premises. And best part is they provide tickets instantly on spot in no time by just making a call and the ticket is delivered within 5 minutes. Getting a last minute ticket with that convenience will simply make you go for it and you will even be glad to give that agent a handsome tip apart from that ticket cost. It’s only when you get in that coach or bus and realizes that the seat is already occupied and you have been made a fool. No matter how angrily you walk back, you are not going to find that person again.

How to avoid: Never, never get any kind of ticket from anywhere but the counter, online or an established outlet.

5. Motorbike Rental Damage

Beautiful climate and mesmerizing landscape gives a feeling of going on a solo ride and exploring all the extents of nature but also it’s this feeling of yours that gives the crooks an idea of making money from it. At almost anywhere you can get a bike on rent with some security deposit and an ID. Till the time you are on it, it’s all fun but at the time of returning it back, you may find several and severe issues like the owner may show you several scratches and loose body parts which may be taken in account of damage and hence amount shall be deducted from the deposit. In some cases, they themselves will thrash or even steal that bike intentionally by using second key with the use of some external help to grab on maximum deposit.

How to avoid: At the time of picking up the bike, examine the bike and take pictures of it in front of the owner/manager. Also get a second pair of lock chains to play smarter against these kinds of crooks.

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You heard it right. In a totally new country especially when you can be easily identified with the color or features, it’s very easy for some to make quick bucks by putting in some fear in the platter. How it works? Well this involves a team, a team of a Taxi driver and some fake police officers. While you are on way to visit your destination, your Taxi might be stopped in some remote area by a couple of people dressed in as police uniforms (without a cops car though) and driver will be asked to pay a challan as he may not have some specific permit. The driver will turn around and repeat the same in your language telling you that it’s the passenger’s responsibility to take care of such things and if you don’t, you will be left here in this desert on your own.

How to avoid: Whenever you find yourself in any such condition, demand to see their ID’s first. It’s your right. Secondly, ask them to provide you with a written Challan papers as they won’t have any.

7. Oh DAMN! I’m So SORRY - Misdirection

Not very common but a good way to get close and make you feel light by carrying away all your expensive belongings. How it works is quite simple. While you are walking down a street, a random guy standing at a corner about to eat his sandwich or hotdog will accidently (though intentionally) spill some sauce over your shirt and get close to you to apologize while cleaning up your shirt. Amidst this chaos, some crowd will surround you two as if to know what just happened here. You might think this guy has come to clean you up but in actual he is filtering out all the essentials he can steal from your bags and pockets while the fake crowd is giving him full cover. It will all be over with a mutual understanding & a big smile. It is later that you discover that your tablet and camera is all missing.

How to avoid : These scenarios can occur anytime and are unavoidable as by the time you say “I don’t need help, Thank you !”, they will already be finished half way so the best practice is to never keep wallet and cash in your loose side pockets. The deeper the better. Same goes for your gadgets. Don’t ever put them in side pockets of your bag. Instead zip them inside. For your camera, always put them across front below chest instead of sides or back.

A trap can hover you in any way at any place and the key to let pass is to stay alert and smart. If you know all the possibilities & scenarios for formation of a trap, you would better know what to do and things to avoid. Stay away from congestion, don’t ever let fear come to your face, be confident, and walk with a “This is not my first time” attitude. After all your vacation should be full of positive and good memories and not the ones which leaves a lifelong watermarks.

Travel in Style!

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