How to Dress Like a Local in Spain

Finalizing a destination for your next vacation, booking tickets, and making reservations; it all boils down to packing!!! Few of you must be a quick last minute packer or few of you would fall under ‘Let’s pack 10 days prior’ category. Whatever the case maybe, are you amongst those people who like to look like a local in the country that you are travelling to instead of looking like a tourist? It’s always better to live like a local when in their country. If you are planning to travel to Spain anytime soon, then you are at the right page. I’m going to share a few things about how to dress like a local in Spain. Also, before we head to reading the rest of it do remember than Spain enjoys all four season. So do a weather check, of the cities you are visiting before you start packing as you sure want to dress like a local in whichever part of Spain you are in.

Fit in their Shoe

Footwear is a very important part of your attire. So when you ask someone ‘what’s the first thing that you notice in a person?’ You wouldn’t be surprised when most of the residents of Spain would say ‘their footwear’. The Leather is their second love. Be it whichever season, you will see most of them dressed in smart leather boots or shoes. But the twist to their leather boots or shoes is that they have rubber sole because you do not want to trip and fall on your face, do you? If you do not own a pair of leather shoe or boots, please invest in one or should I rather say buy yourself when you are in the land of Spain which is one of the best shoe manufacturing countries in the world.

Also, if you are a sneakers kind of a person, not a lot of people prefer wearing that in Spain. Of course they do when they do to the gym or go to play a sport, but, otherwise it is very rare to spot locals wear a pair of sneakers in Spain. If flip-flops are your second love, then you are in deep trouble, my friend. You wear a pair of flip flops and you sure will be judged. So take my advice, DO NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS but if you really miss wearing it, then hit the beach that day.

A special tip to all you readers out there, if at all you are not wearing a good leather shoe or boots, then carry on in your bag and change it before you enter a good restaurant for your meal.

Dress Smartly

You must have heard a lot of people say that Spain is a conservative Country, but little did you know that they are one of the most stylish and smartly dressed people in the world. The men out there are very comfortable with their shirt, blazer and perfectly fit formal pants paired with their leather formal shoes for their work and post work or on weekends the men are smartly dressed in either a polo t-shirt or a shirt again. Pants out there are given importance for some reason, the cut and the length is just perfect on every individual. As a matter of fact, every store there will make it to your exact fit once your purchase it. The women out there are smartly dressed in shirts and either pants or skirts with a well paired boots, shoes or sometimes even sandals but sandals are only during the summers. So when you are travelling try dressing like a local when in Spain so that you can blend in the crowd.

Also, while in Spain and you will come across Churches and A LOT of them. So if you want to go to the church, take a moment and scan yourself and ask yourself ‘Will I go with this outfit to a Church or any religious place in my city? And if the answer is yes, then you have a green signal. Go right in without any fear.

Another tip for you readers, try avoiding shorts and a lot of skin show clothes, not that people don’t wear those in Spain; they do. But most of the locals in Spain are more inclined towards dressing smartly than dressing up in a fashionable way.

Accessorize but Keep it Right

All you men out there, you must be wondering this is for the women in specific. Reality Check, you guys! This is for both MEN and women. So let’s talk about the men. It is a hard choice to make if their second love is shoes or watches!

Yes, men there love to accessorize themselves with a really good watch. Plastic watches are a big NO. So wear a good watch when you go out in Spain. Now let’s talk about the ladies. Though you have a lot of options for accessorizing, keep it minimal. A good watch, and a small but classy necklace and a pair of earrings and you are good to go.

Layer it Up

Men are always with their suits and in winters they have their formal jackets on. Women out there can layer it up with a nice jacket during winters and even a scarf. A scarf just brings a whole new look to the outfit. Also, fur coat jacket is pretty normal there as it is comparatively lighter there. So if you do not have one, consider gifting one to yourself. Also, do carry a raincoat or an umbrella; you never know when it starts to pour there, weather check always.

I cannot find a better way to end this than quote the famous Harvey Specter, “People respond to how you dress, so like it or not this is what you have to do”

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