How to Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes

Planning for a trip, booking tickets and making reservations – all of that must have happened months back, but today when you see the date of your journey nearing, you almost think that time passed in a blink of an eye. So what kind of a packer are you? Someone who starts packing a week prior and packs till the last second or you are someone who completes packing a week prior to be stress-free or are you a last minute packer or are you one of those who was so busy with work and meeting that you just did not find time and now you are jumping out in stress, if you ask me I’m a total last minute packer and I cannot spend more than 30 MINUTES to pack my suitcase.

It has always amused me when people waste so much time just on packing and when I’m asked questions like ‘You haven’t yet started packing? What is wrong with you? You might miss out on a lot of things to pack. High time you start packing blah, blah, blah’. I quickly replied saying, ‘Guys relax! It is just packing not rocket science. I’ll pack at later and anyway it’s just a 30-minute job.’ And they reply saying ’30 minutes? Are you crazy?’ Well, are you also wondering how that is even possible? Read on and I’ll tell you how. This technique works perfectly well for any kind of travel – Short trips, long trips, business trips, leisure trips, name it and this technique works.

Make a List

‘Make a list? You can’t be serious. It would waste so much of my time and trust me, it requires so many efforts. Even if this is the last thing, I would not do it for sure. The list is so lame.’ I’m sure this would have crossed a lot of people’s mind. But making a list of all the things you require to pack your suitcase will only make your work easier. You will not spend more than 30 minutes to pack. Oh yes, I’m not joking. All you need is clarity of what you need to pack and a list will do the trick. You can either write it down on a notepad or be tech savvy by using to do list on your phones.

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare!

Oh yes, pre-preparation is the key for a chilled out packing. Once you have made a list, you mentally would know the things that you need to buy from the store, so whenever you are out grocery shopping or finishing your errands; you can quickly shop for the things that are on your list of packing. Keep your toiletries handy in a travel size kit so it is easier to pack it. You can either keep these in a fancy pouch or even a zip-lock bag. The same goes with your make up products, ladies. And once you do that, do not scatter it in every corner of the place, keep it all in one place so that it is easier to pack. So keep collecting everything that you need and keep a dedicated space for that.

Decide on your Bag

The size of your bag purely depends on the number of days you are travelling. But if you were to ask me, I would totally advice you to just carry one bag and nothing else. It is always easier when you travel light. Also, if you are going for less than 5 to 6 days, then a carry-on luggage bag would do. If you are going for a longer trip, then you might need a mid-sized luggage or even a large one. But I totally feel you should try keeping the size smaller because it saves a lot of time and hassle.

Spread Everything Out Before You Start Packing

Once you have decided on your bag and you know you are about to start packing, do not directly pack everything in your suitcase. Gather all the items and spread it on the bed or a table. Did you know that while making the list there will literally be so many ‘just in case’ type of items listed. Once you see everything in front of you, you need to toss every such item because you are never going to need them and if you do, then it will be available in the destination we are flying to. Grab it from there.

Cross Check it With Your List

Once you spread everything before you before you are about to pack, that’s exactly the right time for you to take out that list you made. Check if you have actually collected everything that is on that list of yours; if you have missed out of anything then go grab it before you forget again.

Pack Your Bags

Once you have done all of the above, what are you waiting for? Start packing. If you are wondering how to pack everything in a carry-on, why am I here for? I’ll tell you how to pack life in a carry-on. You can use the same method to pack your bigger suitcase, all under 30 minutes.

So next time you have a trip coming up, you know you do not have to waste a week or even a day behind packing. Half an hour is all you need and you are set on your next trip and you can make productive use of the time you have just saved or maybe just chill.

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