How to Survive a Long Haul Flight and Jet Lag

Going to a far-away long destination is totally exciting. If we are talking about a far-away long destination which means it sure is on the other side of earth or time zones apart. So this rather exciting trip comes along with a baggage that is totally non-exciting and irritating which is a long haul flight and jet lag of course. Also, there are few destinations for which you will have to take a connecting flight which is even worse sometimes.

We cannot obviously avoid the long haul flight but maybe you sure can take measures to survive a long haul flight and jet lag too. Yes, it is possible because as it is said, precaution is always better than cure. So let’s get started and maybe this would help you on your next flight.

Booking your flight

You must be wondering this is about surviving on a long haul flight so how does booking your flight be in the picture. Well, it does. While making the booking for your flight and if you are flexible with your dates, then try booking your flight on a weekday and not on a weekend. Flights on weekdays are comparatively less occupied than weekends. While checking-in you can always ask them to give you the seat where the adjacent seats aren’t occupied, you never know you might get lucky and travel comfortably.

Seat Preference

If you are window seat person, then long haul flight can be something that you would not like. In long haul flights, you should always choose an aisle seat instead of a window seat. This is because you will have room to stretch your leg and you do not have to trouble your co-passengers when you want to walk out of your seat.

Stay away from Coffee before Boarding the Flight

Before boarding the flight, you might find it too hard to stay up and the first thing that you may think of is sipping coffee. But did you know that there is a high possibility that the effect of coffee will kick in only after a while and if at all it kicks in only after you are on the flight then you are going to have a sleepless time in flight which is not the ideal thing you would wish for.

Be Comfortable

Before you hop onto a flight, make sure you wear something really comfortable because you don’t want to be uncomfortable on the long haul flight. If you are someone who wants to look good before and after the flight, then you can always carry a pair of clothes to change on the flight; that’s when your carry-on bag comes in handy.

Keep Your Food Intake Light

This holds true before the flight and while you are on the flight. You don’t want to fill your stomach before the flight with food that takes time to digest. You should rather have something healthy like soups, juices, and salad instead of a heavy meal. The same is advisable on the flight as soon because if you over-eat, then you will feel uncomfortable.

Change the Time-Zone

As soon as you board the flight, change the time-zone to the destination city. This will help you keep a track on when to take a nap and when to chill. This usually is helpful because you do not want to sleep when you either have only few hours left to land or when you know it is day time in the destination city. This will help you overcome the jet lag before it even hits you. Also, your brain will get adjusted to this time zone.

Do Not Sit for Long

Sitting for too long is not good. It will make your muscles cramp and also reduce the blood circulation. So you should keep moving, maybe once an hour is also good enough. So when you go to use the washroom, you are actually walking till there, maybe do a little stretching and relax your muscles and let the blood circulation normalize.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the last thing that you would want when on a flight. Did you know that the air inside the flight is much dryer than outside? So keep sipping on water or juices and keep yourself hydrated.

Take Electronic Break

Most of you cling onto the screen in front of your seat and start binge-watching movies or series. If you are one among them, then take little breaks every now and then so that you do not stress out your eyes and also don’t end up with a headache. Also, you might lose track of time and forget sleeping if you don’t take breaks.

Free Alcohol – Still say a NO

In most of the international flights, they serve alcohol. You do not want to get tempted on the flight and drink because who wants to land the destination city with a heavy head or a hangover? So stay away from alcohol. Another downside to alcohol is that it makes your body dehydrated. So this sure is another reason why you should stay away.

Sleep but not too much

You should always carry eye mask and earplugs so that you can sleep without any disturbance on the flight. Also, make use of the travel pillow and the blanket provided by them on the flight. On a long haul flight, they usually dim the lights of the flight when they think the passengers should sleep. If you could follow the pattern, then it would be helpful for you to adjust to the destination time zone. If you could stretch and not sleep at all and you know you would reach only by evening to the destination, then awesome. By the time you reach the hotel, it would be time to sleep and your body would get adjusted to the time-zone.

Hope this comes in handy for you to survive your long haul flight and jet lag. As always, if you liked what you just read then please do share this by clicking the tiny little icons below.

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