How travelling can help you fight depression?

Travelling sounds a whole lot of fun when it’s a well-planned vacation. But at the same time, it can be stressful to plan a holiday, during your work hours and the hectic schedule of daily chores. But in general, travelling has a lot of added advantages, which can teach you to become a much better person overall. Did you know that travelling can often help you fight depression? Whether your work demands you to travel, or you just like exploring places with your fun gang. Let's discuss further on how travelling can help you.

The Problem is the attitude towards the problem and not the problem itself!

All of us sure have a lot of problems in our work life, personal life, and the hard time dealing with tough relationships. None of us is blessed with a problem-free life. Right? Mostly human tendency is to think constantly about a problem without having to look for a real solution. By leading the same kind of life every day, the problem also will appear to be the same with no new perspectives. When you travel to new places, the mind gets a clear picture of certain aspects. When you meet new people, new atmosphere, the new associations brings in new feelings, which definitely help you look at life in a better sense and helps you break free leading to better solutions.

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Life is not always about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain!

Constantly worrying about a problem can only lead you to depression, and that’s neither happy nor a healthy result either for you or for the people around you. Do you like spending time with a person who is always sad or depressed, and talking about problems all the time? Obviously NO, right? So why create such a situation for yourself. Even though you have very little time, take a break and go on a small vacation. When you travel, you overcome the fear of waiting for a solution for a problem. You will automatically find solutions to small problems such as.

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For example, your taxi driver cancelled upon you to take you to that museum that you were excited about. So what do you do? Find alternative modes of transport, so that you don’t waste your time and still explore the museum. Such an easy solution which wasn’t even a problem in the first case. Taking charge of minor issues during your travel will help you make better choices in your real life, which leads you to become a happier person.

Happiness isn’t size specific!

The value of happiness of certain things in life isn’t measured by its size. It’s a chain that one decides to be happy after getting a job or getting that dream car. But have you met people who are actually content once they get that dream car? No! It’s not wrong to aim higher but to decide the value of happiness based on the size of the car is wrong. This perspective plays a major role when you travel. Being in a new place even for a day will give you an insight into the place, its culture, its ethnicity, the diverse people and much more. When you live in a new place, and take care of your daily chores all by yourself, you understand the process that your partner or family member goes through to make your day simpler. Understanding these small things will come only when you travel and have to deal with it alone.

Travel far enough to meet yourself!

The whole idea of planning a vacation itself can be an overwhelming experience. The minute you start to plan, your family gets excited and so do you. Though there are lots of problems in our daily lives, just starting to plan, will somehow seemingly make the problems vanish. Isn’t it? Planning a holiday involves picking a new destination that everyone would enjoy, the kind of place you want to spend time, whether a relaxing vacation or an adventure trip, and so many other stuff that you have to plan ahead triggers that soft spot in your brain which helps you perform well at work even before you start holidaying. When you’re travelling, somehow the creative side of you opens up like Pandora’s Box. Also once you return from your trip, suddenly everything seems fresh and new, which helps you focus on a better perspective.

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Collect moments, not things!

Life is a collection of all the small things that add up to the big picture. Nobody at a party wants to listen to your sad boring stories of how you deal with your problems. They’d rather want to hear where you travelled and how was your experience, what did you do on your trip. Make these life memories a simple elegant tale filled with travel experiences. Of course in this materialistic world, one wants to know the expensive smartphone you use or the car you drive. But it really matters to share an experience worthwhile with your future generations which will make them realize the value of moments and not things.

Don’t listen to what they say, Go See!

We always stay connected with the media to understand the new place, its people, its culture and the various festivals they celebrate. Media has truly reached an outstanding peak to make everything as realistic as possible.

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However, experiencing a place and its people is completely different than reading about it or seeing videos. How well do you understand a place by just hearing about it? By travelling to faraway places you would have truly lived in the style of the locals. The real problems that they face and it puts a much broader perspective of life. When you understand how people live in different parts of the world, your problems seem to be very small to get depressed. So go out and see the real world.

Fighting depression may be a big problem to a lot of them, especially to face your fears and overcome them in this cruel competitive world. But don’t lose hope. Take my suggestion and just pack your bags and leave. I swear when you return there is no turning back time and getting depressed over silly things in life. And of course life is made up of how you react to your situations. The next time you get depressed you know what to do !

Happy travelling!

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