Is renting a beach house or condo cheaper than staying in a hotel?

So you’ve decided to go on a holiday. You’ve got everything planned to the last detail, and the only bit left is to choose a place to stay while on vacation. Since you’ve been so meticulous in planning the rest of your vacation, why not go the extra mile and choose well rather than settle for the easiest option. At which point you come to the question of whether you should choose to stay at a vacation home? or a hotel room. Which is where we come in, we’ll help you find out which of these two options is the best choice for you, and why?

Renting vacation rental homes are not just a fad that is followed by rich people with too much money to burn anymore, and neither is it restricted to family vacations at the beach or wild bachelor parties, but it is something that independent travellers choose as well. For families and large groups of people travelling together, a vacation rental will definitely get more bang for your buck than hotel rooms, and moreover rental homes are more spacious than a hotel room, and come at a lower price too. A vacation rental home has so many more benefits than the ones mentioned above; for one thing you have more privacy, imagine having a whole balcony or pool to yourself; while at a hotel you’ll be sharing them with the other guests.

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With the business catching on, people all over the world are renting out their properties to vacationers so you have the world to explore. Everyone from honeymooners to weekend travellers are looking for get away homes to rent out for their holidays and there’s no better time than right now to go out there and try one.This article is aimed at all those people, to get you to understand why renting a vacation home can be better than staying at a hotel. Still don’t believe us? Well, here are some great reasons for you take that leap from hotel to vacation home.

What kinds of homes are available?

When it comes to vacation rentals, the most common misconception is that they are all beach houses, when in fact they’re just one section of this ever-expanding industry. There are several options on the table, for example, you could rent an apartment in Paris, a Tuscan villa, a brownstone in Brooklyn, a penthouse in Sydney, a heritage bungalow in Goa, a condo in Miami or even a treehouse in Puerto Rico! You can find all sorts of places in whichever corner of the world you’re interested in going to, no matter how exotic it is, you can in all probability rent it.

So, do you think a vacation rental is right for your next trip? Read on to find out why we think they’re great!

Renting a vacation home is cost effective

Whether it is a house, townhouse, condo or an apartment, surprisingly all these can not only be affordable but economical too. You’ll be saving more when the cost of one vacation rental home is divided among the friends, or family that you’re staying with when compared to "per night" hotel rates. A vacation rental gives you more space, everyone can hang out together rather than being crammed inside one hotel room and you get more amenities too at a lesser cost. You can always calculate to check which option is more budget-friendly using the Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels Calculator on

Vacation rentals are available everywhere

While you might be of the opinion that it is safer to rent a hotel room than a vacation rental because they aren’t available everywhere, let’s disabuse you of that misconception. Vacation rentals in fact are actually available everywhere, even in some places where there aren’t any hotels, like tiny fishing villages. In remote locations like a relatively unknown hillside town or places that aren’t on the regular tourist map, finding a decent hotel might prove to be troublesome. So booking a vacation rental ensures that you get to stay closer to the location you want to be in.

No more space constraints

Family vacations can become really tiring if the kids start bickering on which side of the bed they prefer, and fight for the only TV in the hotel room. Or imagine your group of friends or family trying to gather in the confines of one room, there’s nothing else that’ll get tempers flying than cramped quarters, and all plans for relaxation will be in shambles. But in a rental home there’s a lot more space, everyone gets their own room and hanging out in the common areas will be fun and there might be more than 1 TV at the place, so no more fights and peace reigns! At a rental home you’d pay 50% less per square foot than for the average hotel room.

Your whole group can stay together

When you’re travelling as a group, it’s no fun to be spread out in different parts of the hotel building whereas in a house, townhouse, or condo, you all get to stay together and you can hang out together on the poolside without having to share it with other guests. And the plus side of a vacation rental, you don’t have to dress up to go to dinner in the house, lolling about in PJ’s is completely fine unless you want to dress up.

Destination Weddings

Another great thing about vacation rentals is hiring them for guests who are attending your wedding. It works great to keep costs down by having guests share a vacation home, instead of paying for a large block of hotel rooms.

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You don’t have to leave your pooch behind because the hotel doesn’t allow pets

Most pet owners would love to take their pets on their family vacation, but cannot because most hotels have a “no pets” policy. But now, when you rent a vacation home you can take your pooch with you on the holiday because several rental homes are pet friendly. Do make sure to ask if the place allows pets before you book. While several hotels are now allowing pets, they lack space for your pooch to run around freely while a house with a yard, it will be perfect.

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Put your gourmet skills to the test

If you’re a master chef fan, then cooking your own meals with fresh local produce when you’re on holiday will be an opportunity you won’t surpass and not only that it’s definitely a big budget saver. Keeping a stocked fridge and cabinets with snacks will mean that you don’t eat out too often, saving yourself money and an upset stomach too. Most importantly, when you’re travelling with someone who has special dietary needs having your kitchen can be a lifesaver.

Access to free laundry services

Unlike at a hotel where you’ll be charged for laundry services, at a vacation rental home you’ll have access to your own washer and dryer. Meaning you can save money doing your own laundry and can also pack lighter. Be sure to confirm with the manager or owner of the property when you’re booking if this is important to you.

Live like the locals!

Vacation rentals are mostly situated in the residential parts of town, whereas hotels are usually on the tourist strip. And when you’re in a more residential part of town you’ll be able to see and experience how the locals live, hang out in local cafes and you can even ask them for tips on the best restaurants and activities to do in the area.

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The best part of vacation rentals is having your own private bedrooms and bathrooms; you won't have to share everything unless you want to. Most vacation rentals also have clubhouses and golf courses as well which you can use, and there’s no greater joy than stretching out on your private balcony or deck to enjoy the sunset or soak up that beautiful view of the beach, waterway or golf green or even enjoy a romantic meal without the intrusion of others.

Types of vacation rentals and amenities

Vacation rentals can be townhouses, villas, condos, beach houses, heritage homes, apartments, houseboats or even tree houses; each of them are unique and maybe individually owned or part of a hospitality company.

Most places offer indoor and/or outdoor pools, lazy rivers, waterslides, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, spas, tennis courts, fitness rooms, media centres, wireless internet, game rooms, on-site restaurants, golf courses, clubhouse, hot tubs, multiple balconies or decks and parking space. Of course, the price of your stay will reflect these luxuries.

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How Long Do You Have to Stay?

Most vacation rentals will let you know how long you can stay, the popular one’s might have restrictions like weekends or a maximum of 3 nights etc; but others will let you stay for extended periods of time, or have a minimum seven-night stays depending on the destination.

  • What you gain: A rental home offers more space, more privacy and more savings when compared to a hotel. You’ll also have access to your own kitchen, washer/dryer and in most cases a pool too.

  • What you won’t have: Each rental home is unique and comes with its own drawbacks. For example, condos or villas within a resort community will have more amenities than a private single-family home. These single-family homes mostly will not have a concierge service, room service, in-house restaurants or housekeeping service, or will charge extra for cleaning, — and you may have to bring your own linens too in some cases.

  • Live Like a Millionaire: And then there’s the option of living large where you rent out luxury vacation homes for a few weekends. If you want to live like a millionaire and try out that lifestyle on your holiday— you can rent a secluded villa on a Caribbean island or play lord of the manor in a French chateau or rent a Scottish castle for a destination wedding, or even rent a luxurious Goan manor for a bachelor party. Even if you can’t afford to buy these properties, you can at least live there for a few days and make your dreams come true!

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