Six Financial Travel Tips for Female Solo Traveler

I cannot afford to travel for next 6 months! Travelling is expensive! I have no money left! Does this sound like you? Making ends meet in this generation is a big deal. But being a solo traveler can cost you a fortune to explore this planet. Well, we understand how it can be overwhelming for women especially. Here are few tips for you to plan your next vacation and make it a memorable one.

1. Save Money & Money will save you!

This sounds like a little bit of an extra task, but will surely come a long way. Traveling solo will cost a little extra on your pocket because of the “solo supplement”. Solo travelers get no advantage on the rooms but with no choice end up paying for double occupancy; which means if you plan on travelling solo you need extra money. Also the other option is to choose zostels or dorms. It saves on the room rentals as well get to make new friends on the go. Most of the places do provide complimentary breakfast, make use of that. So start planning much in advance and decide on your destination earlier, so you have an idea of how much the vacation might cost and you could start saving in advance. Instead of waiting till the end moment and having panic attacks, keep aside a jar and start saving your travel funds much in advance. Also if your destination and travel dates are fixed you could book your flights much in advance to get cheaper tickets. Or the other way is to keep a track and book them while on sale. This way saves you some extra bucks which might help you in cases of travel emergencies.

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2. If you buy things you don’t need soon you will have to sell things you need!

Buying everything that’s pretty is a priority for every girl. It’s hard to resist that bling earring or new shoes in style while in a mall. I’m sure if you’re a vivid traveler there’s every adventure destination on your list than the pretty little things. Next time you’re at the mall do not unnecessarily pick up things that you don’t need. Meanwhile you can add the same money to your travel jar to make some extra bucks. Rather than shopping in your local city all the time, shop while you travel. Every new place has something different to buy from. Be it special homemade chocolates from Ooty or a pashmina from Kashmir. These things are special when it’s bought from its place of origin. Study your destination well as the tourist scams take place very often and spending more than its value might leave a bigger mark on your wallets.

3. Savings must become a priority, not just a thought!

Saving is not only essential before travelling but also during your vacation. The chances of money getting spent while in a new place are unpredictable. Saving money during vacation includes staying in a decent budget hotel or homestays rather than an expensive star hotel. This will also make you feel homely while you get to taste the local home food. Use public transport to travel around rather than using a cab. The advantage of using a bus or train is that you will have people around to guide you and interact with. If you take a cab instead, you’re travelling alone it’s hard to know if your cab is not taking you all the way around to scam you. Consider using the local information centre and mark all the places of interest and use a map to finish it according to the distance. Cover all places in the same area at once that saves your transportation cost to the same locality again.

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4. Wander to places with weaker Wi-Fi!

Choose your destination with intent. You might get inspired from the books you read, or a movie. Traveling solo helps you explore the inner side of you. Try spending some quality time with yourself away from all the gadgets. It’s a great time for introspection to look back and analyze a lot of instances and to plan ahead. With all the hustle – bustle in the city life, traveling becomes jam packed with schedules. An evening at a riverside watching the sunset becomes more memorable than a hectic day at the city. On the brighter side it doesn’t cost much to spend time with the nature. If you’re trying new things, invoke the artist in you by trying to write or sketch or to put all your photography skills into use.

5. Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!

Planning everything in advance, studying the place thoroughly before heading, saving every penny, learning about the locals is definitely essential. However, while travelling there might be emergencies such as medical, theft, or natural calamities such as landslides, sea tides, unforeseen disasters. Some people are sensitive to climatic changes and prone to falling sick. Medical travel insurance comes in handy in such situations. Also, if you suffer from any illness carrying your medicines is beneficial. Sometimes even the best of international airlines can misplace your baggage or delays in flights, scary situations such as theft can take place. Being prepared for instances like this proves your smartness. Instead of carrying all your cash in one bag, split them and accommodate in multiple places. It is recommended for solo travelers to purchase travel insurance which will cover up all the major issues and save you in case of emergency.

6. The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!

We all have our corporate jobs funding us constantly to fulfill all our needs. But is it really possible to stick to our standard sources of income to fulfill our dreams. Let’s take that extra mile to do something creative and earn few extra bucks. Instead of laying back watching TV series and wailing away our time, develop simple hobbies like painting or making creative DIY products will not only add extra money to your travel jar but will also save on making your own items. Those willing to multitask can take up different professions offered on freelance websites. If you’re good at languages, spare your knowledge to your neighbor kids while earning. Another way is to sell stuff that you no longer need. Of course everyone has tons of products that they no longer need and unnecessarily occupy space. Make use of apps like ebay, olx, quikr and sell everything in just a click.

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We hope these tips help you. If you are an avid traveler, I’m sure you have your own way of saving money. Travelling solo is totally a different experience especially for a woman. By using common sense, making good decisions, and above all, having confidence in yourself and your ability to travel on your own, you will be rewarded with rich experiences and a great story to tell your friends.

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