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If you need some inspiration in life, all you need to do is watch a TED talk video and instantly feel energized and inspired. They tend to captivate you and with their subjects and when the speaker is done in about 18 minutes, you’re all motivated and geared up to accomplish something like they have done. These people, who deliver the TED talk are pioneers in their field and each of them offer a different perspective even if they’re speaking on the same topic, and however different they all are; all of them are equally awe-inspiring. And we all have our own favourite TED talks that we watch or listen to often when we’re in need of a push and sometimes we share it so that others are motivated in the same way. But what if I told you that a TED talk can make you want to desperately escape whatever you’re doing, drop everything and go travel the world? Would you believe me? If you still don’t then read on ahead for some exploration inspiration from people who’ve travelled vastly and have great things to share from their experiences!

We all love the idea of travelling to new destinations and exploring them on our own, but unfortunately we’re too busy being stuck in couch and browsing through other’s travel pictures to actually wandering around the world, so to want to travel and actually travelling are two very different things.

And seriously, however marvellous the internet is with all its benefits; it was probably the worst invention of all time because ever since it was invented we’ve all become lazier and prefer dreaming and drooling over sights the world has to offer without moving an inch – after all you can do that in the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks! It’s come to the stage that we don’t even converse vocally, everything is done using a smartphone or computer so seriously how could we expect this lethargic population to actually ditch the phone and experience something with their eyes. Don’t believe me? I was in Gangtok last month and I wasted an entire evening in my room watching “The Big Bang Theory” on my phone rather than go out exploring the city! Oh, don’t give me that look, honey – I bet you’ve done it too! Really, if it wasn’t for the fact that booking holidays are easier with the advent of the internet, I’d declare it the absolute worst thing ever!

Although browsing photos of exotic destinations on your mobile is great, it still beat experiencing it and exploring all those places by yourself. And because we don’t want you turn into a couch potato, we’ve got these 6 TED talks about travel which will wake you up from your internet fuelled inertia, and spur you on a journey around the globe.

How And Why Travel Transforms You – Francis Tapon

Image Credits : http://gorillahighlands.com/rwanda-is-an-interesting-experiment/

Francis Tapon at one time was a project manager at Microsoft. But when he was bitten by the travel bug in 2007, he quit the job to become acquainted with the world. In this video he shares his love for adventures and travelling with some very personal stories that will make you itch to get out there and explore. He has a zany energy when he talks and he will pass a bit of it onto you and you’ll start believing that even the toughest of adventures aren’t impossible, for example: He’s currently journeying through Africa and aiming to visit all of the 54 countries in the continent in 3 years! He draws inspiration from his father who egged him to fulfil his dream of travelling to every country in the world. We’ve collected a few of his quotes that we found online, and each of them actually rings true.

“Pilgrimages are another way to find the truth.”

“The prophets are teaching us that perhaps some of the answers to life’s most profound questions lie in the wilderness.”

“What would you do with your time if you had a billion dollars? Whatever the answer to that question is, that’s probably your passion.”

“Travel below your means. Don’t necessarily always go to Paris and London. Don’t always stay at the fanciest hotel you can stay at. Maybe do some couchsurfing.”

The Road Less Travelled – Tony Wheeler

Image Credits : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTTyVeQYdYo

As the founder of the infamous Lonely Planet guidebook company, it’ll come as no surprise when we say Tony Wheeler knows what he’s talking about when it comes to travel. In this video he tells us about his love for travelling and how it all began for him in 70’s, when he went down through Asia’s ‘Hippie Trail’ with his wife Maureen “to get travel out of their systems”; needless to say that it was an epic journey, one that did not get travel out of their systems as we can very well see and since then they’ve ventured down many a road less travelled. This video is entertaining, funny and inspiring filled with personal anecdotes from his travels around the world! And the quote below shows how much he loves going to off-beat destinations.

“A few years ago, Mr. George W. Bush came along and gave me a reason for some travels. When he said there was an Axis of Evil, I thought – ‘Well, I wanna go there!'”

“I think it’s terrific, where we are in the world today, that you can still go to places which you may have heard about, but you haven’t actually seen pictures of.”

On Travelling And How To Just DO IT – JD, Jackson and Buck Lewis

Image Credit : http://davidknappfisher.com/2014/life-happens/the-1-reason-you-should-talk-to-strangers-a-k-a-meet-the-incredible-lewis-family/

It’s wonderful when we see beautiful pictures and videos of exotic destinations and then we’d love to go there too. But not all of us have it within us to actually travel to places where there is a need for help, a volunteering vacation is only for the most magnanimous and noble souls among us. JD Lewis is one among those noble souls, not only did he go but he took his kids along too, so this motivating talk tells you how he’s taken his kids on this larger-than-life adventure to 12 different countries and worked with 12 different aid and humanitarian organisations all in an effort to help people around the world! They even have a foundation Twelve In Twelve where they document their adventures, and not only that they have a World Record accomplishment for being the first family to travel to seven different continents in one year! That is some accomplishment indeed and well deserved too. It will surely urge you to do your bit to leave the world a better place than you found it!

“There are two kinds of people – the people that succumb to their fear and the people that go: ‘I’m just gonna do it because I have to. It’s my calling, it’s my mission.'”

“When you put a pen point on the horizon and you make a choice and a statement and you claim it in front of your friends and family, amazing things occur. Things that you would never have imagined come to the forefront.”

“Behind every no you get, there’s always a yes. There’s always a way and an alternate route to get where you’re going. All you have to do is claim it and go do it.”

Where Is Home? – Pico Iyer

Image Credit : https://www.buddhafest.org/tribute-to-leonard-cohen/

Siddharth Pico Raghavan Iyer or Pico Iyer as he’s known, in this video gives a thought-provoking talk on focusing on the joy of travelling and the significance of which place you think is “home”. If you have ever felt that you just don’t fit in anywhere , while other times you feel as if you fit-in many places then you will surely resonate with this video and what he has to say. He makes you question why we call a certain place home and what you think is necessary to call that place home.

“Travel, for me, is a little bit like being in love, because suddenly all your senses are at the setting marked “on.” Suddenly you’re alert to the secret patterns of the world.” – Pico Iyer

“Home, in the end, is of course not just the place where you sleep. It’s the place where you stand“

“For more and more of us, home has really less to do with a piece of soil, than you could say, with a piece of soul.”

Learn To Travel, Travel To Learn – Robin Esrock

Image Credits : http://vancouversun.com/business/local-business/robin-esrock-releases-the-great-global-bucket-list-one-of-a-kind-travel-experiences

Robin Esrock had an interesting start to his travel journey, a bike accident at an intersection in Vancouver because which he got a broken kneecap and a $20,000 settlement which started off his love for travel with a backpacking trip. He hasn’t stopped ever since and has travelled to over 100 countries and has written about his travels in his book, The Great Canadian Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences. In this video he talks about the insights and lessons we learn from the experiences of our travels, and how it can teaches us the understanding and compassion by people from all around the world. Here’s what he has to say, and trust us nothing will make you run to pack your bag and go on that trip right now than this!

“Get off the couch, switch off reality TV and start participating in reality itself.”

“I smile when I’m nervous and I laugh when I’m scared, because it sure beats screaming and crying.”

“Don’t panic, surround yourself with good people and just know that people would rather help you than hurt you. Listen to your instinct, smile”

Rick Steves: The Value of Travel

Image Credits : https://www.ricksteves.com/tv-programmers/season/seven

Rick Steves is a TV show host who hosts his own TV series called named Rick Steves’ Europe and as the name suggests it’s about European travel and another show called “Travel with Rick Steves”; yes very original, the guy is! And though he might lack creativity when it comes to naming his travel programmes, you’ll find that his talk is fascinating and at times deliciously controversial! His lingo for one will keep you entertained throughout the video and will inspire you to actually go to places you’d otherwise avoid.

“Travel wallops my ethnocentricity and I’m very grateful for that.”

“There are so many misunderstandings between people and when we travel, we straighten them out.”

“A third of the people on this planet eat with spoons and forks like you do, a third of the people eat with chopsticks and a third of the people eat with their fingers like I do and we’re all civilised just the same.”

“I’m going here because I think it’s good character to know people before you bomb them.” (on why he travelled to Iran)

“I learned once again that fear – and there’s a lot of it in our society – fear is to me for people who don’t get out very much.”

Piya Bose: Making a career while travelling

Image Credits : http://www.asianentrepreneur.org/piya-bose-owner-of-girls-on-the-go-club/

Piya Bose used to be a corporate lawyer until she became a travel enthusiast because she didn’t want to waste her life at a desk job. Her travels through some of the most exotic places around the world gradually turned her into a full time travel writer and researcher. Piya Bose created ‘Girls on the Go’ (GOTG), a travel company that specializes in tours for women, with the aim of creating a platform through which adventurous women could travel to new destinations and also be themselves. In this video she tells you how you can turn your passion for travelling into a career that pays too.

You will surely enjoy watching these TED Talks Travel videos and be inspired to get off the couch, chuck the phone aside, put your passport and a few essentials into a holdall and run off to new places! Or if at the least you’ll have a few ideas on where you want to go now than earlier when you were still in your couch potato stage.

Do you have a favourite TED Talks video? You could tell us about them or share your thoughts on these videos.

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