Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2018 – That Will Make You Book A Ticket.


Imagine if we all had a magical hammock which could transport us to any choicest place in the world? Sounds alluring, right? Yes, we all have a travel bug embedded in our soul. It makes us crave the thrill of travelling, exploring and discovering new places, people and experiences. Some may call that bug a hobby, while some may call it their passion; and well, then there are some who will never hear it's calling. What a waste, right? After all how satisfying can life possibly get if it is spent only in one place? So, let’s pack our bags, book tickets and get ready for visiting some of the most exciting vacation spots. Here are the top 10 cheapest places to travel in 2018, that will make you book a ticket right away!

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1.Bali, Indonesia, Asia

If you’re looking for a cheap beach spot to explore the African continent, then imagine yourself in Bali- the island of crystal clear, turquoise waters and a joyful sun so warm, that it leaves a toasty tan on you! The magically fringed palm beaches, sun-kissed sand shores, glorious marine life, nature walks, wildlife safaris; doesn’t it all sound super exciting? Plus with best times for tourism being all year round, Indonesia is a hit for one and all. A 7-day trip airfare comes up to as cheap as Rs. 40K for 2!

2.Istanbul, Turkey, Europe

A monumental holiday awaits those who fancy Turkish history, elegant architecture, art galleries, quick street shopping, all encased in a striking contemporary charmed look book. This jewel of a place offers itself as a tranquil and cheap vacation spot. It can be reached at just Rs. 25K for an entire week! Just book yourself a holiday home and start exploring this richly historic masterpiece. So, are you ready to cruise through your lives most fascinating European vacation? Most popular times to visit Istanbul are March to May and then September or November when the daytime temperature is fairly pleasant.

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3.Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Say ‘Hello!’ to Dubai, to clear blue skies, warm Jumeriah beach, a fusion of modern society coupled with traditional history, in this world wide web famous shopping destination! Entertainment & shopping fanatics will find many luxurious activities at reasonable rates to relish. The airfares to reach this economical holiday place are as low as Rs 10-15K variably. Hence, it is one of the cheapest places to go for a quick vacation. November to March receive the highest footfall!

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4. Seoul, South Korea, Asia

Though this vacation spot is relatively unexplored, it is slowly emerging as the biggest contender for the title of the cheapest holiday destination. It is famous for its natural scenic landscapes, eloquent palaces, warming beaches, its metro, crazy shopping and other fun activities. Airfare goes as low as Rs. 30K round week trip which makes South Korea splendid for a cheap beach vacation! March to May and September to November are popular visiting times.

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5. Phuket, Thailand, Asia

If you’re looking for a super relaxing but colourful beach holiday then Phuket is the one for you! It brings a rhapsody of colours to your camera lens with gorgeous azure lagoons, tangerine sunsets, raspberry winds and forested greens nestled in tranquillity. Indulge in exciting snorkelling, diving, parasailing and much more, that too all year round! Oh, and did you know flights to Phuket fly at extremely cheap rates of 15K onwards?!

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6. Sri Lanka, Asia

It is truly unjust that our Southern partner is often overlooked for its mythological approach even when it can be reached for just Rs. 10K. But, it brings so much more to one’s travel palate like Golden sand at Arugam Bay, heart warming wildlife conservation be it elephants or dolphins, spell binding caves, tea plantations, scenic greens and much more! So, this December to March get backpacking your way to Sri Lanka!

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7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia

Explore culture, modern architecture & conservative museums, contemporary food, jaw-dropping shopping experience, striking iconography and the world famous Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Plus, traditional handicrafts, interactive wildlife tours, cave explorations and so much more! Kuala Lumpur makes up for being the cheapest place to fly to at just Rs. 15K. It truly brings to you the best of Asia throughout the year.

8. Iran

Iran is world famous for its tea tradition, bazaars full of striking jewellers and home decor bits plus strong cultural values. Though, the place is super traditional with rules for headscarves for women and decent clothing for men, the population has a super relaxed mindset for when one is indoors. At just Rs. 25K you can fly to Iran to live this unexplored cheap holiday destination for an entire week. So, get packing today!

9. Cambodia, Asia

Catch the first dawn from Cambodia’s iconic Angkor Wat temple tower or the sunset from 39 storied Vattanac Capital Tower Skybar. The pink sunset brought by this tropical island is as unmatched as its rainforest mountain range, Bat Caves, or the lazy Kampot River which is apt for Kayaking. What’s more amazing is that all this can be accessed at airfare as cheap as just Rs. 20K onwards! Pick any time of the year except wet season and you’re good to go!

10. Vietnam, Asia

Natural tropical ruggedness combines with exotic food, warm hospitality and picturesque Purple Mountain landscapes in Vietnam. It’s famous for its vibrancy, emerald green Bay's, limestone islands and magical caves to list a few. So, if crab catching & coconut boat tours titillate your travel bug then let’s get going to Vietnam this spring! Airfares start from just Rs. 22K onwards! How cheap is that?

Now, though it is true that booking flight tickets, looking up the best hotel stay, finalising day to day itinerary activities can be quite a hassle, but experienced travellers vouch for a few tips to bag the cheapest family holiday.

Few Handy Tips for Bagging the Cheapest Dream Holiday are as follows:

  • Always try to opt for mid-week tickets rather than weekend tickets – In the off-season you will not only receive lowest costs but also the warmest welcome along with a relatively noticeable ease in reaching the activity zones.

  • Research about the place – Local festivals and events also influence cost of living thus, having some knowledge about them will assure the cost saving and budgeted experience.

  • Plan a flexible holiday – Airfare fluctuates quite a lot, a flexible holiday will most suit for booking the cheapest holiday. Browse the fare calendar when making a flight booking to know how variable airfares become over time.

  • Opt for booking a holiday home to actually feel the soul of the place rather than staying put in any hotel or resort. It will make your travel expenditure lower and experience much more homely!

  • Finally, accept every custom, taste every bite of food, understand & respect all religious values with open arms for only then have you truly travelled.

Happy travelling!

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