Top 10 Unusual things to do in Paris

Paris! The second you hear this word, the first thing that comes to your mind is French, fashion, wine, and romance. Yes, they are all true. But Paris is, so much more than just these obvious descriptions for this city. Rich in fashion and food, Paris has this rustic and innocent charm to it, which is mesmerizing to anyone who wishes to enjoy Paris.

Why don’t I bring to light the top 10 unusual things that Paris holds which end up adding to its beauty and culture in a simple yet exciting way?

1. 59 Rivoli

Bringing back the ruins and architecture of this building back to life by just a few artists who decided to just show up one day and clean up the place, which was abandoned by the state of France for about 15 years, is truly remarkable. This was not only then made a home for many artists that needed an empty space to create their masterpieces in there but also was in the perspective of preserving cultural creativity. 59 rue de Rivoli, now called 59 Rivoli is open to the public 6 days a week 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm with a free entry.

2. House of Nicolas Flamel

If you are a person, to whom history and old myth are exciting, then you definitely cannot pass up going to the House of Nicolas Flamel. This is now turned into a restaurant, called Auberge Nicolas Flamel which serves delicious food. But the fascinating exterior stone building is still from 1409 which, today is the oldest stone building in Paris, where Nicolas was born. There is a truth about him being a great philanthropist of his times, but the fact, whether his wealth came from alchemy is still debatable. None the less, it is still a cool building to visit and dine in.

3. Le Musee des Arts Forains

When you read or hear the word Museum, there could be a slight chance of this thought crossing your mind that, it is going to be a big space with a non-interactive and huge display of old carnival rides stacked up in a corner. Strike that thought out of your head right now. It is one of the most colourful and brightly lit up museums you would have seen. The Museum of Carnival Attractions was for the longest open only to journalists and for private gatherings, but that has changed in the past couple years and is open to the general public through the whole month of December, but it would be a good idea to check the website as the dates may vary year to year. Another amazing thing about this place is, when you buy the entry ticket, at the counter they also give you a few tickets to try out a few games that you would be able to play inside the museum. Now, that I think is pretty fun. Do you think the same?

4. I Love You Wall

Deeply in Love, walking around on the streets of Paris? Then a must-see attraction is this I Love You Wall. This work of art was created by two lover’s centuries back has today become a meeting point for lovers and it has over 311 declarations written in 250 languages. With a world of so much hate and violence, this wall embarks for peace and love in downtown Paris. This wall has a gift shop too, where you can personalize something for your love and preserve it for a lifetime.

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5. The Room of Endangered and Extinct Species

Animals, in general, are a beautiful creation of Nature, but not all the animals that existed once are around for us to see and appreciate. That’s where The Room of Endangered and Extinct Species comes to play. This room is a part of the Natural History Museum in Paris. This two-floor building preserves what’s left of the species from the plant and animal kingdom, hence keeping the room usually dark and cold. Some of the displays are stuffed trying to make it look as real as possible and the others are just the skeletons. So this place sure would be a treat to experience.

6. La Promenade Plantee

Paris nights and lights and the busy streets are one of the fanciest things that come to mind. But this beautiful city has quite calm and scenic side to it too. Paris had the world’s first elevated walkway that has become such a perfect part of the city for someone who is looking for a small stroll to just wind down and become one with nature. This 3-mile walkway gives you some of the beautiful sights of the building rooftops, the hustle bustle city life, the fast-paced car driving below you, yet letting you get lost in the beauty of nature. This is a good biking path as well.

7. Foucault’s Pendulum

The famous Pantheon in Paris has this hidden gem, Foucault’s Pendulum. This pendulum is a recent construction by a group of artists in the 19th century. But it was not in a working order until 2007. There were a group of these 4 mystery artists who took it upon them to make it functioning and today you get to see it up close to the Pantheon. Also, the building from inside is very beautiful and catchy with its meticulous carving on the walls and pillars. There are a little crime and history to how this piece came into working today and that is quite wicked. I’ll leave it to you to find it out when you visit this place.

8. Curie Museum

Paris has a flair for everything, only the ratio is different for each aspect. Madame Curie, most popularly known for the one who discovered radium, has a museum displaying her work in the field of radioactivity. This may be very attractive to older kids, as they study the work of Mr and Mrs Pierre in their school curriculum. Topics like radioactivity may seem a little scary for the people today since a lot has been written and heard about, but this museum is safe and all the display are mostly about the research paperwork and photographs.

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9. World’s Oldest Basketball Court

For all you sports lovers out there, Paris holds something very ancient in its arms. The sport of Basketball and YMCA go hand in hand since that is where it was invented. Despite it being an American sport, the World’s Oldest Basketball Court is right here in Paris. There may be a lot of structural upgrades to the court, but the baseboard is very much original. Basketball may not have a lot of historical aspects and facts may be only on paper, but this one is surely a landmark which is not to be missed.

10. Flame of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty built in the Atlantic Ocean in The United States of America is a true testimony of the friendship between the States and France. Similarly, Paris holds a life-size replica of the Flame of Liberty, which also symbolizes the death of Princess Diana. Paris has a very special place for the Princess and wanted to honour her death in a special way, hence the already existing Flame was dedicated to Princess Diana.

So when planning your trip to the beautiful city of Paris with a long list of exploring the most popular sights of the city, do make space for the top 10 unusual sights too on your itinerary.

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