Top 7 reasons to rent a vacation home instead of a hotel

Travelling to new destinations is surely a thrilling experience. But of course the place you stay will always make a much bigger difference. Even though a lot of research on the kind of hotels and the location that you choose, chances are you might still go wrong and end up messing your holidays. So why not stay at a home away from home? Yes! I’m talking about renting a vacation home. Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a vacation home instead of a hotel.

1.Save your money & money will save you!

Renting a house can be surprisingly affordable if you are travelling with your entire family or in large groups. Just calculate the number of rooms you will have to book to accommodate your entire group and the no of days. This will be definitely higher than the cost of the vacation home when you just divide amongst yourselves and compare. This is a huge benefit and an added advantage to renting out a vacation home. And also unlike the hotels there will be no hidden costs for all the facilities that can be availed. Staying at a hotel can cost you a fortune for the food especially room service, the laundry, sometimes the Wi-Fi. If there a lot of kids traveling, I’m sure everyone is reluctant to put them in separate hotel rooms in a new place. So all this will definitely cut down the cost.

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2.Families that play together, stay together!

Vacations are supposed to be filled with fun right? And you go on a vacation to take a break from the stress life to spend a lot of time with your loved ones. But what’s the point if you cannot live together under a single roof! The hotels definitely cannot accommodate more than 3 to 4 guests and you miss out on all the fun living together. If you rent a vacation home, it just feels like home away from home. All of you get to stay together, play around with the kids, large dining spaces for your family gathering, and a lot more. Vacation homes are well equipped with all the facilities. They also come with great views and garden spaces, balconies, decks, etc. The luxury homes come with a private pool as well. Overall a best place to spend quality time with your gang!

3.Happiness is homemade!

Some of you might like to explore new cuisines and the local street food but few are addicted to the home food. And Of course nothing can taste better than the home cooked meal. Right? Especially if you’re travelling with kids or the elderly, the food options are constraint. So it’s an added benefit if you rent out your villa, which comes with a well equipped kitchen so that you are at liberty to prepare your meals as per each individual’s choice. Sometimes even the hotels have restricted kitchen timings, so you might have to get in time to catch up that meal! Who wants to have restricted meals on a holiday? Also this saves in your time of looking for the best options to search in the locality and travel to far places. You save money when you prepare and pack your food while heading out. Its tension free to cook yourselves rather than eat something that you’re unsure of which also might lead to health related issues.

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4. Laundry today or naked tomorrow!

We often tend to pack a lot of stuff for a vacation. At least one pair of clothing per day. If you are someone like me then I’m sure you pick up at least 2 per day. Generally I don’t like repeating clothes especially for pictures! But if it’s a long vacation, then firstly the luggage load increases and the amount that you shed out on laundry services at a hotel might end up being a bomb. But when you rent out a vacation home, of course it’s furnished and they also have laundry facilities which you can do at your convenience. Isn’t that much simpler than carrying so many luggages? And you also save money by not paying extra cost to do your own laundry.

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5. It’s not a home without fur kids!

The animal lovers would understand how hard it is to leave your pet behind on a vacation. They become an extreme important part of your family. Don’t they? Almost all the hotels aren’t pet friendly and would not encourage you to carry them along with you. Or they might have lot of rules and regulations regarding the same. But with a vacation home, they also get their vacation. Be sure to check with your home owners before renting. The pets get their own space and do not miss being a part of your family gatherings on vacations. Why leave them behind while they cheer you up after a long dreadful day every day?

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6. Peace is our gift to each other!

People mostly travel to find some quiet peaceful time away from the hustle bustle city life. With hardly around 300sft room that hotel provides and to be shared by 2 or 3 of the family members, peace is something hard to achieve. But with vacation homes being large enough, everyone not only gets the family game time in the lawn but also you can find some peaceful time all by yourselves specifically designed. In cases of beach house, the private properties will also have a small gazebo where you can spend some quality time with yourself and get inspired by the nature. The meaning of a vacation is fulfilled only when you can live a different lifestyle rather than the normal life that you live everyday in the city.

7. Blur the line between the traveler and the local!

Generally most of the hotels are located in the city centers or conveniently located closer to the tourist spots, which is actually good if you wish to spend most of the time outdoors exploring your new destination. But by renting out a vacation home, you actually live like a local. There are no deadlines for the time you can come back to your room, or the dinner time that closes. Above all the location of these homes is in the residential localities which allow you to understand the place much better. All the necessary shopping is located in the close proximity. It is much safer in the residential areas; you don’t have to worry about travelling alone as well. And when you live like a local you can experience the true culture and essence of the place.

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Well, I think I’ve listed out pretty much all the necessary benefits in renting out a vacation home. Hotels are not bad either, if you’re looking for something simple and just 2-3 days and your main intention is to explore the place. If you wish to stay longer and truly want to live in a place then vacation homes are the right choice. Call your gang, make a plan, and rent out that dream beach villa and have fun because you don’t need reason for a vacation!

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