Why The Millennial Indian Woman Prefers To Travel Solo?

Indian women are going beyond their comfort zone and travelling solo, exploring the world like never before. These free and financially strong women, eager to see the world have created a fast-growing community of solo women travellers. Despite the fact that they have traditionally and culturally been discouraged from travelling alone, due to societal pressure and safety concerns.

But today, countless Indian women are not just dreaming of epic trips but, they are out in the world climbing mountains, surfing, motorbiking through countries and embracing various cultures while showcasing their adventures online and inspiring many others to follow the trend.

The idea of packing your bags and heading to an unknown destination all by yourself sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? If the latest trends are anything to consider, it’s the thing that several Indian women are falling in love with. Leading travel portals and leisure experiences like, Cleartrip, Makemytrip and others revealed their statistics on how more and more Indian women are discovering solo travel in a new dimension, titled ‘Women and Wanderlust’. These women are also increasingly becoming active decision makers while planning their vacation.

According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, India found that the graph of women travelling alone in India and abroad is on the rise – 41% women travelled alone in 2014 as compared to 37% the previous year. Among those surveyed, 47% said they travel alone for a sense of freedom, 39% travel for the challenge and 28% travel alone as their family or friends do not have the time or resource to travel with them.

Thinking why there is a sudden rise in the number of female solo travelers?

Here are some reasons why Indian women are going solo :

To Socialise and make more friends

This might come as a shock but, it’s true! Women like the security of having a friend to talk to. Similarly, when they are traveling alone they end up interacting with strangers on a day to day basis and end up making new friends with similar wavelength.

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To taste the dish called freedom!

Come back before 7, Don’t wear this and go out ! Don’t go out alone!

Indian women are often kept tied to rules. But, while they are out exploring the undiscovered roads, they’re free, and that’s exactly what they crave for. Therefore, they opt for traveling solo so that they can sense what is to be completely free.

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To experience things they never thought they could

Indian women are considered soft, weak and fragile. Therefore they never really imagine themselves taking risks and going wild and being adventurous. To change this conventional belief, they are out there bungee jumping, rafting, climbing rocks and what not. That too, SOLO !

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To take in the sights like never before

They have figured out how amazing it is to hike up the Himalayas and finally lay eyes on the gorgeous view one can only see in articles or travel portals. They wish to travel solo more often to soak it all in, sit down for hours and think how surprising life can be, quietly. Their solitude also helps them to reach a meditative zone, and who doesn’t want to have a stress free life?

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Why should boys have all the fun! Literally!

Women these days are very competitive, and why shouldn’t they be? They are right when they claim that, there is nothing in this world that a woman can not do.They are riding the heaviest motorbikes to Ladakh, taking road trips, staying in camps, trekking and what not. They feel no place, transport and no activity should go untouched and should be limited only to boys.

If you’re still wondering why solo travel is the hot topic amongst women these days, here’s the real reason. They wish to have total control on their lives and do whatever gives them freedom. In the company of others, they curb their personalities and preferences to that extent where they feel trapped and suffocated. Also, it’s a great way for them to take time off from being a friend, wife, mother, daughter etc and just be themselves and truly live for themselves!

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