10 Best Mountain Treks in Africa

Whether you're a first-time guest or a regular visitant, Africa will never disappoint you. From the tropical rainforests and magnificent tropical coastline of Central Africa toward the rises of the Namib Desert, from the famous savannah of the Serengeti to rugged peaks, lush uplands and valleys that distinguish the Great Rift Valley's continental traverse – wheresoever you locate yourself on this great, glorious continent, Africa has some counts when it arrives at inherent charm.

Challenging summits can be seen commencing from Morocco's Atlas Mountains to South Africa's Drakensberg. Africa's most attractive trekking stop is Mount Kilimanjaro, the towering peak in the region. Undiscovered highlands like Uganda's Rwenzori hills extend an unbelievable chain of snow-capped hills just adjacent to the equator.

Additional incredible tours in Africa that don't certainly hold high altitudes involve the Wild Coast (South Africa) and the Fish River Canyon (Namibia).

Trekking isn’t the chief fascination for tourists arriving in Africa however, it’s yet one of the greatest methods to witness the charm of the panoramas, wildlife, and residents of this continent. Whilst Mount Kilimanjaro keeps the credit for trekking in Africa, there are various experience enthusiast ideal paths to be traveled.

Let’s get to know of the top 10 Mountain treks in Africa :

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The most renowned trekking location of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is settled at an altitude of about 19,335 feet above sea level. The trail to hilltop will carry you through 5 distinct climatic zones. Approximately 20,000 enthusiasts try the ascent each year. Trails differ in level of complexity, movement, and landscapes. The light complex paths are Marangu and Rongai; the slight challenging tracks are Machame, Shira, and Lemosho. The extended trails hold further challenging trekking however you'll be extra adaptive and your possibilities of touching the peak are hence more.

Mount Kenya, Kenya

The second largest peak is Mount Kenya. Whilst there are other summits namely, Nelion (5188 m), Batian (5200m) these demand specialized and skilled hiking. Mount Kenya's hills are concealed in woods and grasslands that allows snow and rocks. This particular peak is a great member of a greater reserve. The best time to plan your trek to Mount Kenya is anytime from January to February and July to October.here are shelters on the range, or you can put your tents.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Jebel Toubkal, located within the High Atlas Mountains in North Africa's greatest summit at an altitude of 13,667 ft above sea level. It's a difficult climb to the point, but deserving concerning the panoramic scenes. Also, you can perform the trek to the top and down to the hamlet of Imlil within a day, it's advised you use a minimum of 3 days to make the maximum out of it. Imlil is hardly around an hour off Marrakech.

The Atlas Mountains comprise a broad area and there are several great hikes possible in the Mid, High and Anti Atlas Mountains. All grant an opportunity to engage with Berber people.

There are several organizations that arrange expeditions to the High Atlas also.

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Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

The Simien Hills is an enormous range in Ethiopia amidst several peaks beyond 13,000 feet. The greatest mountain is Ras Dashen that survives at 14,901 feet, securing it the fourth greatest peak in Africa.

Trekking hither is phenomenal, not just due to the landscape, canyons, and waters, yet further as you get an opportunity to view few unusual, endemic wildlife namely gelada baboon plus Walia Ibex.

Majority of the hikes commence from Debarek, which is a 3-4 hour ride off Gondar. Kit, carriers, horses and extra can be arrayed from hither.

The Drakensberg, South Africa

The Drakensberg is South Africa's largest range, named uKhahlamba in Zulu determining "barrier of spears". Its deep hills are ideal for day treks, horse riding, San Rock Art inspecting and bird watching. Its greater routes allow extra difficult climbs. Earnest climbers must check out the "Drakensberg Traverse," a 2-3 week trek that comprises several of the Drakensberg's enormous hills, and exciting summits, also the Tugela Falls that plunge over 3000 feet and trip over 5 different ranges. If you don't hold that much ease, attempt the magnificent climb of the Sentinel to the Cathedral.

Mount Meru, Tanzania

Mount Meru is Tanzania's second greatest peak surviving at 14,980 ft. It is oftentimes practiced as a acclimatization fled for its next-door-neighbor, Mount Kilimanjaro. The hike up to the point of this very impressive volcano demands 3-4 days. The trail crosses within antiquated rich rainforests of fig trees, opening door to heather and rugged fields. Alongside the ​ path, buffaloes, baboons, and giraffes have usually sighted as well as numbers of varieties of birds.

The great point to go uphill is from August - October. Trekkers waste the night time in petite well-tended shelters accompanying the way. An equipped ranger is necessary so it's amplest to plan your tour in advance.

Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

The Rwenzori Mountains rest right north to the Equator with the edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Mount Stanley is the greatest peak in the series, including doppelgänger peaks each rising above 5,000m high forming it Africa's 3rd greatest range. Perpetual glaciers decorate the tops.

The chief path up Mount Stanley's hills is termed as the Central Circuit and demands 4-10 days. En route, you'll confront dense forest, swamps, crags, icebergs, and elephants. Leaders and equipped troopers are necessary. There are essential shelters accompanying the ways. Excellent time to hike is December - February, and June - August.

Mount Elgon, Uganda and Kenya

Mount Elgon is an enormous unknown volcano that rides the border within Kenya and Uganda. There are 5 significant mountains, the two greatest are Wagagai (4,321m) in Uganda and Sudek (4,302m) in Kenya. The caldera is one of the greatest in the universe. The paths extend difficult treks with canyons, falls, and hollows.

December - March is the ideal time to tour. You need to obtain an approved lead. In Uganda, halt at Mbale for supplies, erudition and trekking licenses.

There are various paths to pick from, if you're preparing to touch the point of any of the greatest mountains, you'll desire to use a minimum of 5 days at the peak.

Mount Cameroon, Cameroon

Mount Cameroon regionally recognized as Mongo ma Ndemi is West Africa's greatest summit, surviving at 13,255 ft. Mount Cameroon is an existing volcano, the latest explosion recorded in 2000. There are numerous paths on the range. The traditional and precipitous path is the Guinness Trail called after a yearly marathon race which used to be funded by Guinness Beer.

Carriers and scouts are mandatory on this 2-3 day hike. Essential shelters and tents can be located on the chief paths. The chief trail crosses within Greenlands, rainforest, forests, savanna and, ultimately, reach the rugged point.

Mulanje Mountain, Malawi

Mulanje Mountain is an immense granite summit within southern Malawi. Its greatest hill Sapitwa stretches merely above 3000m. There is a plethora of trails to pick from amidst modest shelters at the edge of each one. This is an enjoyable trek for groups, with clusters of rivers and hills to traverse. You must stay for at least 2 nights on the range.​

The Mountain Club of Malawi has great road knowledge as well as knowledge on charges and how to handle your carriers. If you follow the Mountain Club you can utilize their heating amenities stocked in the shelters. Begin your trek from the Lihkubula Forest. The ideal course to hike Mulanje is from May and October.

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