6 Exciting Monsoon Treks in Sahyadris, Maharashtra!

Lately, the perceptive explorers have begun to go beyond his/her zone of comfort and pick offbeat locations. Explorers nowadays are picking the not really common climate conditions above the so-called season. People are more inclined towards monsoon trekking these days, particularly in the terrain enshrined Sahyadris of Maharashtra. There are very few who dare to trek during the rainy season, dreading that their tour will get ruined by heavy rainfall.

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However, it is important to know that most of the places don't experience rainfall throughout the day, hence, you can travel even during monsoons. In fact, the enjoyment you experience while traveling during monsoon is always multiplied. Not just the climate is remedial, but the food, campfires, water activities etc. makes ones trip more exciting. These trips can be enjoyed more if you have people along.

It is one thing to hike in the Sahyadris during the dry season, but it's an entirely distinct game to go on a trek during monsoons by the verdurous and foggy peaks of Maharashtra.

The monsoon treks can be enjoyed from July to September and the peaks of Maharashtra showcase their different shades proudly. The bare rust-colored bushes allow space to foliage everywhere. The burning bright welkins turn cold, windy and misty, the empty dry streams metamorphose to enormous falls and the welkins are your steady guides. There is cheerfulness in the atmosphere and you must witness it!

Let's learn about selected trails you can trek on during monsoons :



It falls under the category of accessible and simple treks that you can go on. Excluding some bits where you will have to ascend the precipitous steps, for most part the trek is not challenging at all. The scenic sights from the fortress located on the summit are jaw-dropping. The main attraction of this trek is Vinchu-Kata, that got the name because it appears like a scorpion sting. The trek crosses from the beautiful small hamlets. You can always engage with the villagers en route. If you are considering to explore this trekking trail do explore the antiquated but well conserved Bhaje caves which are located nearby.

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Adventure appears beckoning at this beautiful location named Naneghat, a ridge path in the content of Western Ghats. The rough trails take you into unscathed, tranquil bits of creation.

The trail to this place was formerly an antiquated business road that used to be of great use to carry goods landing at the Junnar which was formerly a thriving market. The residents even now take this route to travel to Konkan. It's not just simple to arrive although it is a moderately simple trek, making it perfect for amateurs to hike easily.

The last 20 minutes of this trek will grant you memories of a lifetime. It’s an easy ascending trail on deftly man-made carved steps. What makes it extraordinary is that while monsoon one can cross it with an emitting fall sinking the legs as you rise up. The main attractions of this trek are the antiquated caves that are supposedly named by a female leader Naganika, apparently to provide a lounging room for the merchants who used this trail. Naganika was the spouse of Satakarni, who was the third emperor of the Satavahana period. The engravings talks about the accomplishments of the dynasty, and therefore are an indispensable reference of knowledge for archivists.

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Enjoy this enchanting trek to the Harihar Fort, Igatpuri with your close ones. The most exceptional thing regarding this fortress is that it seems rectangular in a frame from the base hamlet, constructed on a three-sided stone of rock – the sides of this beautiful fort are completely upright, in addition to the unusualness of this striking antiquated fortress.

Rock shaped steps take you to the fortress. Enjoy the antiquated charm of this fortress while trekking within pictorial panoramas following you everywhere during your Harihar Fort trek. Tour the rugged steps that suspend underneath a precipitous fall. Observe your spirit flying as you ascend these steps while experiencing the great sight of the encompassing enormous highlands.

This is not one of those tedious treks, however, this trek can become quite complex during the rainy season. The staircase becomes slippery. The one thing that actually makes it both enthralling and risky at the same time is the ultimate range of upright trail that is approximately at 90-degree angle. However, the aspects on the summit are worthwhile. Trekkers are allowed to prepare meals on their own and rest in a deserted cave for the night. If you are someone who wants to experience night trekking you can experience that magic here. But, while monsoons, only day trek is recommended. One thing that you will remember throughout your life is the energy with which the wind slaps your face when you reach the peak. Try and spend a minimum of two to three days here.



This arduous trek demands a minimum of two days to finish. You can start this trek from Lonavala and conclude it at Karjat. Be alert as you will spot various species of mammals, birds, and mammals on the way. If you are fortunate you can witness a line of shooting stars while trekking at night. The sight from the fortress is jaw-dropping. What's more? you can prepare your own meals, as there is a water source near the caves. You might just have your #cavewaalimaggi moment to post on your instagram page. Besides, this place is highly popular among bikers to go off-road biking. When you are here, do visit the Rajmachi fort. Rajmachi Fort is amongst the renowned forts around Lonavala. The altitude of this fort is 2750 feet above sea level, and grants a mesmerizing sight of the Sahyadri hills and the Shirota backwaters. The fort possesses two Balekillas ( Maharajan and Shrivardhan) which also happens to be the major attractions here. The best time to explore Rajmachi is during monsoons and winter. It is during this time that nature is at its best and you can witness amusing falls and rich green woods en route. While the trek excludes precipitous climbs, it demands an austere fitness level, since you will be walking for approximately 15 kilometers continuously.


This trek is moderately challenging. Still, it demands you to have a good physical endurance level, because the trek is exhausting in bits. The trek offers you a myriad of options of tasting sumptuous and lip-smacking local recipes throughout the trek. Check for stopgap shacks selling Bhakhari, lime water, and poha. On completing your trek, indulge yourself with delicious pedas from any of the shops near the temple.

Besides, you will cherish the memories of this trek lifelong because of the range of falls you get to witness throughout the trek. The Bhimashankar trek is certainly a paradise for someone who adores nature. It drives you towards the core of the popular Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. Whilst its best time to visit this place is during monsoons, you can plan a trip in different seasons as well. The trail is both picturesque and exciting at the same time. Regular trekkers can opt for the Shidi Ghat trail. Beginners, it is advised that they try the Ganesh Ghat trail, surrounded by glorious sights.



Grab your shoes and experience how it feels to trek on the renowned Dhak Bahiri caves, and breathe in the enchanting charm of this location. This is the most challenging trek that Maharashtra possesses to offer you. The place is renowned for its possession of rugged bits, and during the rainy season they turn out to be even more challenging. However, you can win over by employing accurate strands, types of equipment and more.

It's perhaps the most challenging trek you can attempt at Sahyadris. Post a moderate trek of about 2 hours, you will attain a point from where you will witness a steep decline to reach the Dhak Bahiri caves. The challenge will be to reach the caves by passing the rugs and ascending upward. There is a sharp drop of around 70-80 degrees during your entire trek.

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Post the horizontal climb, following is vertical ascent and on top of all this a rope climb. Majority of people quit at level 1. However, people who make it to the top will be able to describe how rewarding it is up there, the sight feel is truly astonishing. Don’t venture this trek if you are not certain. It is advised to venture this trek towards the finish of the rainy season when there's a less amount of rainfall comparatively, the rocks are not tricky although the weather is still affable. Experience nature’s generosity this season of showers in heaps of Maharashtra. Be courteous to nature and the residents of wherever you head next.

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