The Ultimate Guide to Start your First Ski Trip

If you’ve been counting down to your first ski holiday looking forward to the «day X", this article is especially for you. Unlike a sea vacation, ski trip requires much more coordination and preplanning. So we’ve prepared this handy list of things when your time will arrive to start packing to make sure you don’t forget any important ski - essential point from your travel list.

First of all, if you are fresher, you have to decide what to prefer: skiing or snowboarding. Of course, you may read various reviews, ask experienced friends for advice or even watch dozens of Youtube videos but without practice, you will never know, what you would prefer. The best option that we may recommend is to try both of them. Of course, it is better to start with an experienced instructor, to ensure that you’ve booked at least 2 hours for each kind of sport on your first day.

Only trying both: ski and snowboarding, you can decide what fits you best and we will be honest - you may be surprised at your choice. Don’t hurry to go ahead - the art of skiing is not easy and you have to be very careful to avoid accidents. Do not hesitate to ask for instructors to ensure that your body «remember» all necessary gestures and poses as well as you will receive a wealth of insight on terrain and feel free to have a rest each 2-3 hour to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness.

Remember that any «manuals for beginners» and «how - to» videos will not make you a good ski or snowboarder unless you will not reach your first 100 km on slopes.

So, let’s start.

1. Each ski trip planning starts from considering a ski resort. Feel free to check tips for choosing the best ski resort (link) not to be missed in the variety of proposals. Resorts may vary on a budget, complexity, length of the ski slopes and of course, the weather. We highly recommend you to plan at least 5 days duration for your first ski trip to have time for adaptation and learning how to ski.

2. When your destination and vacation duration is already preplanned - it’s time to prepare clothes for the trip.

Each ski region or resort has its unique climate conditions but as you are going to be in motion all the time - your clothes have to be not only warm enough but also enough light not to hinder your movements. Most of ski rental shops offer to rent clothes but to avoid wasting time on looking for your size of the affordable quality and feel comfortable it's better to use your own ones. See below, what is required:

Thermals: Special Lingers that keep your body warm and dry during skiing.

Snow Boots: It is not the same as boots for skiing but for comfortable walking to and from slopes

Winter Coat : Most of the ski coats you may use in the city so go ahead to choose really nice one. There is an important reason why ski coats have to be bright - otherwise, you will not be visible on a slope and other skiers or snowboarders may easily push you down.

Ski Suit : If you are not going to become a professional sportsman, you will wear them much more rarely than a ski coat so our recommendation is to choose the neutral one to be able to use them for years with every next coat, that you will buy.

Hat, Scarf or Buff and Gloves : Do remember that gloves for skiers and snowboarders are different but it does not make a huge difference for the beginners.

Whereever you go: Pack your bag in 30 mins

Ski Socks: It seems to be very obvious but its definitely better to buy special socks to avoid chafing your feet.

And of course, don't forget about a couple of warm lightweight fleece sweaters.

Also, have you tried these adventure sports in 2017? If not, you must try.

3. When your clothes are already prepared - think about equipment. Don’t hurry to the nearest ski shop because most of the equipment you may rent just on the ski resort. It makes much more sense to rent it in the any of numerous ski rent shops than buy your own ones.It will not only save your money but will help you to choose, which kind of ski or snowboard fits best with you.

Helmet, one of the most important things for your safely also can be easily rented and the only thing, that we may recommend you to buy - is goggles. It is very lightweight and will not take a lot of place in your luggage

Feel free to search for best prices but do remember to check the quality of rented staff. Do not hesitate to remind them that you are a beginner, otherwise, your board can be polished with wax as much that you would not be able even to wake up after fixing the locks

Winter Cosmetics: Sun cream with a high SPF, cold cream and lip blocks. Take care of your skin as it may be burned as fast as on the sea resort at summer midday and choose a face cream with SPF 30 or higher. You may also take a look at so-called Cold Creams that include SPF. Don’t forget a lip block that is very important if you do not want to look like a «girl with artificial lips» until the evening.

First Aid Kit - Treatment for aching muscles, bruises and blisters. Bandages and waterproof plasters as well as antiseptic cream, cause pads and some pain relief pills have to be included in the list.Of course, the first aid kit cannot be prepared instead of a medical insurance so do remember to order a sports insurance before your trip because winter activities are risky and it's better to keep yourself safe.

Avoide: Toursist Traps

Do not overestimate yourself - They say that «the last ride is not needed» - feel free to have a rest if you are tired and remember that it is always better to go back with a ski lift if you feel that the slope is too complicated for you than to have a trauma risk. Skiing is amazingly attractive kind of winter sports.

Now you are well - prepared for your first ski trip. Check our travel packages that include winter resorts or contact us to plan your unique trip personally for you.

Stay tuned.

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