Reasons to Choose Goa for Your Destination Wedding.

Goa has, over the past decade, emerged as a hotbed for destination weddings in India. This comes as no surprise, given the stellar locations one gets to choose from at this balmy beach destination. Warm, tropical and hence inviting to many a couple, Goa fits the bill for the destination wedding neatly, with facilities made available across a number of different locations. We’re here to give you the low down on reasons why Goa shines as a wedding destination. We’ve also thrown in the associated costs and some popular venues.

What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is essentially getting married at a location that is unique and picturesque, typically away from home. These include beach weddings, which are popular fare at Goa. However, less than ten per cent of the thousands upon thousands of couples who get married in a year choose to opt for destination weddings and hence yours is bound to be unique.

A Number of Options to Suit Your Tastes

If you’re on the lookout for five star destinations, then Southern Goa is the region to hit, where most of the beach resorts are located. Some examples include Taj, Leela, Hyatt and Radisson. These resorts offer a varied array of options in terms of setting, facilities and taste. At least ten such resorts can be found in South Goa. Your options are usually between open lawns facing the sea, beach side destinations, air conditioned banquet halls and pool side. Aside from these, there are various pretty beach locations to choose from, sometimes associated with popular shacks that offer some of the best seafood in India. This will quench your thirst to celebrate your big day right on the beach!

Further you can choose to rent some of our exotic villas also for your Big Day.

A Unique Experience

Give your guests something to look forward to, with a destination wedding in Goa! Surprise them with local delicacies cooked to perfection or choose the perfect season to experience nothing short of perfectly balmy weather at this popular beach destination. As we mentioned before, only under ten per cent of couples opt for a destination wedding and this choice itself could make the experience unique and memorable for each and every one of your guests — the old and young alike!

Doubles as a Holiday for Your Guests

Have friends who like to party? Then Goa would be a haven for your wedding guests, no doubt! Give people one more reason to attend, by hosting your wedding at a popular holiday location such as Goa. Young children — and we bet your friends have some — too will love this seaside option — the land of the sun, sand and sea!

Save on Décor!

Now down to the practicalities — the cost. Cut down cost by choosing a destination wedding? Counter-intuitive, perhaps but every bit true. With a location as picturesque as Goa — with its lilting waters and waving palm fronds — needs very little to spruce it up. In fact, a wedding here with just minimal decorations would mean you are doing the best to highlight the destination itself. With minimal decorations of course comes minimal cost — splurge your savings or save them, as your heart desires!

Quality Time with Your Friends and Family

A destination wedding, unlike a traditional wedding closer to home, offers plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones, be it friends or family. During travel time and at the destination itself. In fact, many couples are known to extend their wedding party by a day or two to enjoy the destination fully.

The Cost of Hosting a Goan Wedding

The major cost components of a Goan wedding are, in reality, no different from that of more traditional weddings. First let us look at stay or accommodation — which may be arranged at the wedding location or away from it, depending on your budget. Here, take care of availability, which may pose a problem between October and March — the high season at Goa. The cost component of stay is rather large and can account for up to 50% of your budget — so choose well! The venue, food and drinks form the next component of your cost. While indoor and outdoor venues are available, outdoor venues are, for obvious reasons, far more popular in Goa; and a lavish meal may cost you anywhere between Rs.750 — Rs.3000 in Goa. If you choose to stay where your wedding is to be held, you may save on venue charges given your spend on accommodation was hefty enough! Otherwise, popular venues may come at a charge of anything between a lakh and two lakhs. Transport, photography and mehndi artists/beauticians/the wedding procession or baraat may form other cost components that you need to bear in mind.

So go ahead, choose Goa and you may well be making a great wedding out of a merely good one!

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